Alexander Delayed Three Weeks

By Garth Franklin Wednesday September 22nd 2004 10:28PM

People have been waiting for a big November project to move and at last the ball has finally dropped. The Oliver Stone-directed "Alexander" has been pushed back by its studio Warner Bros. from November 5th to November 24th, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

According to <a href="" target="_blank">Variety</a>, the reason for the date change seem to be several fold. Stone confirmed the other day at the San Sebastian Film Festival that he's in the midst of editing the movie right now thus the talk of extra time to finish the film is a valid one. 

Other reasons cited include launching a film marketing campaing admist all the  blizzard of final political campaign ads before the November 2nd presidential election, another is to put the film in closer proximity to other Oscar contenders.

However the most logical is simple timing. Various others films have already left the late October-mid November release date slot because of two little words - "The Incredibles" due out on November 5th.  The Disney CG-animated comedy has a huge amount of buzz behind it and no matter how good an opening "Alexander" has, the takings of an R-rated warrior movie would likely pale in comparison to the Pixar flick. 

The near three hour Colin Farrell-led epic now faces off against lesser competition in the form of Fox's "Flight of the Phoenix" remake, Revolution's Tim Allen comedy "Christmas with the Kranks" and  Miramax's "Finding Neverland".

Thanks to 'KarlChilders'.