Angel End of Season Details

By Garth Franklin Friday January 23rd 2004 09:40PM

Joss Whedon recently spoke with Sci-Fi Wire about how he plans to end the fifth season of the vampire drama, especially after the controversial way the fourth came to a close.

Whedon confirmed the show's upcoming fifth-season finale will wrap up the current storyline but leave open the possibility of returning for a sixth season - catch is the network hasn't confirmed either way if the show will be picked up for another year.

This sort of arrangement is, according to Whedon, "what I usually do, and I didn't do it last year, because I didn't know we were in danger of getting canceled and I didn't do it the year before, because I knew we weren't going to be [canceled]. But usually, my philosophy has always been, do an episode that ties up everything, but opens up some other things. And this season is no different. It's very much a good way to go out, and a good way to start a completely new season".

The show is about to reach the 100-episode milestone which Whedon delights in and sees as a time "To take stock, that's really what a 100th episode is for...To go back and say, 'Here was the mission statement. If we made 100 of these, there's a reason we were talking about this. So let's talk about it some more".

Eleven new pictures from the 100th episode have gone up at Mediasharx.

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