News Shorts: September 29th 2008

New photos from Saw V, W., more set photos from Alice in Wonderland, Cherrybomb.

-A first look at actor Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees unmasked in Platinum Dunes’ 2009 remake of “Friday the 13th”.

-A better quality photo of the crushed cab from the opening sequence from the film adaptation of the comic “Kick Ass”, and the first photo from the “Inglorious Bastards” set – a small French farmhouse built in the Czech hills.

-Warner Bros. has finally released hi-res publicity photos of the Two-Face character from July’s “The Dark Knight”. Most interesting is this shot revealing Eckhart’s look on-set and the final image on-screen for comparison – looks like there was some make-up after all. The four other photos can be found here at the bottom of the page.

“Armie Hammer, the 6’5 young actor set to play Batman in the still uncertain “Justice League” movie, talks about the months of preparation he went under for the role in Australia before the shoot got canned…” (full details)

“Producer Donald De Line says that a new draft of the ‘Green Hornet’ script came in and they are ‘gearing up to start shooting early spring’..” (full details)

“Fox Atomic is developing a new ‘Alien Infection Project’ hypothesizing a worldwide viral outbreak caused by a spacecraft returning from Mars with rock and soil samples…” (full details)

“Peter Cullen confirms that he’s only voiced the opening narration of the ‘Transformers’ sequel so far, his main work as Optimus Prime will be recorded sometime in November…” (full details)

“Producer Nicolas Chartier confirms that George Romero is developing another zombie film that is yet to be titled and is NOT a direct sequel to ‘Diary of the Dead’ as previously reported. Amongst the new touches – underwater zombies…” (full details)

“‘Watchmen’ and ‘300 director Zack Snyder has signed a deal to develop three original games for Electronic Arts. EA will own the intellectual properties, but under the deal the publisher may turn some or all of them into films that will be produced by Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual Films banner…” (full details)

“In a recent interview, James Cameron admits “There was no blessing involved” in the upcoming “Terminator Salvation” and that he never saw the script…” (full details)

“Sylvester Stallone has arrived to Bulgaria reportedly looking for locations for the next “Rambo” movie. Stallone will visit the Nu Boyana film studios and the Worldwide FX company that made the special effects for the recent fourth film…” (full details)

“An image of Dr. Manhattan’s transformation in “Watchmen” has been hidden in the new trailer for “Frank Miller’s The Spirit”…” (full details)

“Joel Silver is waiting on Mel Gibson’s approval of Shane Black’s script treatment for a fifth “Lethal Weapon” before moving forward. The story introduces a new pair of young NYPD police officers…” (full details)