News Shorts: September 23rd 2008

“The trailer for Platinum Dunes, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.’ Friday the 13th remake will be attached to prints of Lionsgate’s ‘Saw V’…” (full details)

“Screen Media Films has picked up Sarah Jessica Parker’s racially charged drama “Spinning Like Butter” for U.S. distribution. A first-quarter 2009 theatrical release in New York, Los Angeles and five other U.S. cities is planned. If successful, a platform rollout will continue in other cities…” (full details)

“I should just go start writing the second one…I’ve still been thinking about it a lot and wonder if it’s too late” says M. Night Shyamalan about penning a sequel to “Unbreakable” which he originally planned and then abandoned. Samuel L. Jackson a while back said the plot involved him “breaking out of the mental institution. I’m out there doing stuff and [Bruce Willis] after me. It’s very cool. He still wears that rain thing, that windbreaker”…” (full details)

“Michael Moore’s new election doco “Slacker Uprising” has become available today for free download…” (full details)

“A court in the Indian capital Delhi has rejected a lawsuit filed by Hollywood company Warner Bros against the makers of a Bollywood film Hari Puttar…” (full details)