News Shorts: September 18th 2012

Some quite interesting concept art from the scrapped American remake of “Akira”, and some behind the scenes photos from Gangster Squad.

Set photos of Chloe Moretz and her double filming Kick Ass 2; the first shots of the Tenerife filming of Fast Six showcasing one sequence involving tanks; and shots of extras as the ‘Marauder’ creatures on Thor: The Dark World.

Posters for Argo, End of Watch, Smiley, and a teaser banner for Robocop.

“Christopher Nolan’s first film ‘Following’, Terry Gilliam’s dystopian classic “Brazil”, Godfrey Reggio’s ‘Qatsi’ trilogy, and Rene Clement’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s ‘Purple Noon’ are all set to get a Blu-ray release in December from Criterion…” (full details)

“Paul Thomas Anderson says that the title for his new film ‘The Master’ came from a leaked online script being referred to as that by online bloggers. The Playlist has since taken credit and explained why…” (full details)

“Channing Tatum admits that while he’s very keen on directing a ‘Magic Mike’ sequel himself, he and his producing partner wants Reid Carolin want to direct a small indie drama first – ‘We’re not going to direct our first movie as a sequel to a Steven Soderbergh movie. That’s not smart. I want to start with something very small … make a lot of mistakes, make them real early, and then go jump in [on the sequel]’…” (full details)

“Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart have agreed to a made-for-Internet 90-minute debate to take place October 6th. The debate, entitled “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium”, will be lived streamed and later offered for download with half the net profits donated to a number of charitable causes…” (full details)

“Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan says one his adaptation of the play “Tom a la Ferme” is done, his next project will be a hexalogue of short films called ‘Ordinary People’ in which he’ll star…” (full details)

“Paramount Pictures is in talks to acquire rights to Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Rolling Stone article “The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills”. Said article chronicles the rise and fall of convicted drug trafficker Lisette Lee who was caught trying to fly 500 pounds of marijuana into Ohio…” (full details)

“HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ returned for its third season on Sunday night with ratings the exact same as they were for last season’s premiere – 2.9 million viewers for its 9pm broadcast and 4.6 million across all three broadcasts that night…” (full details)

“Weeds ended its eight-season run on Showtime with a recent ratings high on Sunday night with 864,000 viewers and 1.28 million viewers for the night…” (full details)