News Shorts: September 14th 2008

On-set photos of Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams making out for reshoots of scenes on “The Time Traveler’s Wife”.

-Some interesting new posters for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Lovely Still, Soul Men, The Tale of Desperaux.

-Ben Affleck is sporting a new look – bearded and long-haired – on the set of Mike Judge’s “Extract”.

-Fox Searchlight has set a December 19th 2008 release date in the US for Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler”. No word on the scale of the opening, though it will likely be limited with a wider release in January.

-Joseph Gordon Levitt has denied rumors that he’ll play Tetsuo in the live-action “Akira” movie. Levitt says “That’s really just a rumor. They don’t have a script or anything”.

-The producers of 2006’s “Paris, je’taime” and 2008’s “New York, I Love You” are planning on doing similar anthology films set around Shanghai for release in 2010 and Jerusalem for release in 2012.

-The full-length trailer for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” will be attached to “Star Trek” on May 8th 2009. No word on when the teaser trailer will debut as yet.

-Brad William Henke has revealed that his character of Captain Kirk’s Uncle Frank in the upcoming “Star Trek” is an abusive alcoholic – quite unusual for the Trek universe.

-A blown-up photo from the “Avatar” set hints at an alien Na’vi torso from the waist up.

-The premiere of “Fringe” pulled in only a disappointing 9.1 million, just under half the numbers that tuned into the “Lost” pilot. Also, the second episode of the new “90210” plummeted from its strong debut.