News Shorts: September 10th 2008

A bootleg recording of Bruce Springsteen’s new song for Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler”.

-Posters for Leaves of Grass, Labor Pains, Pride and Glory #1, Pride and Glory #2 and Milk.

“20th Century Fox is looking into the possibility of more X-Men spinoffs, namely a young ‘X-Men’ project and a Deadpool spin-off, as well as a potential Hulk’-like reboot of the “Daredevil” property…” (full details)

“He has to remain decidedly vague but Kevin Smith has given a short spoiler free review of the upcoming J.J. Abrams re-invention of ‘Star Trek’ saying ‘Chris Pine is fantastic… It is a star-making performance. From his first scene forward, this dude is not doing an impression of Shatner. He is doing young Kirk…And the chick [Zoe Saldana] who plays Uhura is really great. They made Uhura really interesting’…” (full details)

“An interesting article in Forbes Magazine lists Nicole Kidman as the most ‘overpaid’ actress in Hollywood. Kidman’s films earn a mere $1 for every dollar Kidman was paid. Also faring badly were her former husband Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey and Jennifer Garner…” (full details)

“Wall Street analysts should push their estimates for “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” about 10% higher now that it won’t have to compete with the latest Harry Potter film says DreamWorks Animation CFO Lew Coleman…” (full details)

“Legendary Pictures has acquired Matt Cirulnick and David Manpearl’s untitled sci-fi pitch. In the story, humans have been subjugated after having lost a war to an enemy race. The first installment chronicles the start of the human uprising led by a young man who escapes the prisons in which humans are being kept…” (full details)

“A New York judge has tossed out lawsuits brought by a driving instructor and two etiquette schoolteachers who said the makers of the movie “Borat” deceived them. Judge Loretta Preska said all three accepted money and signed agreements releasing the filmmakers from liability…” (full details)

“A trust that owns the copyright to Cornell Woolrich’s 1942 short story “Murder From A Fixed Viewpoint”, a story on which Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Rear Window” was based, has sued Steven Spielberg, Viacom Inc and Universal over the 2007 hit film “Disturbia”…” (full details)