News Shorts: October 28th 2012

Photos of Gerard Butler in Movie 43, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rodrigo Santoro in The Last Stand, James Franco in Tar, Clare Danes in As Cool As I Am, Kellan Lutz in Syrup, Ray Winstone on the set of Noah, and some highly detailed photos of Joel Kinnaman’s armour on the set of Robocop.

Posters for Texas Chainsaw 3D, Django Unchained, The Silver Linings Playbook, Safe Haven, Red Dawn and On the Road

“Variety’s Jeff Sneider says the upcoming ‘Les Miserables’ film adaptation is clocking in close to three hours long and the studio has no plans to cut it down…” (full details)

“Peter Webber’s post-WW2 Japan set drama ‘Emperor’ starring Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox is headed for a wide release on March 8th 2013…” (full details)

“It appears Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ may forgo its December 19th wide release in favour of a limited run on that day, followed by a nationwide rollout on January 11th (the day after the Oscar nominations)…” (full details)

“Millennium Entertainment has acquired the US rights to the ambitious sci-fi project ‘Upside Down’ starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst. The film will be released in both 2D and 3D sometime in 2013…” (full details)

“Lionsgate will give its action comedy ‘Stand Up Guys’ a one-week awards qualifying run in New York and Los Angeles starting December 14th. Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin star in the film which will open wide on February 1st…” (full details)

“Paramount Pictures has acquired Jayson Rothwell’s spec script ‘Patrol’. The story follows a U.S. Marines patrol who chase drug smugglers to a remote island where their mission takes an unexpectedly deadly twist…” (full details)

“Faulkner Literary Rights has filed a lawsuit over Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ for its alleged unauthorized use of a line from William Faulkner’s book ‘Requiem for a Nun’…” (full details)

“A cinema full of kids in the UK were left a bit startled when supernatural horror film ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ was accidentally screened instead of animated family feature ‘Madagascar 3’…” (full details)