News Shorts: October 24th 2011

A first look at the at the Once-ler in the 3D CGI Adaptation of The Lorax, a first look at Chuck Norris on the set of The Expendables 2, shots of Li Bingbing and Milla Jovovich on the set of Resident Evil: Retribution, and heaps of stills from Immortals.

Posters for The Darkest Hour, We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Woman in Black, Hugo, Hysteria, Chimpanzee, Chronicle, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo .

A detailed breakdown of how Fox Searchlight intends to market the NC-17 rated “Shame”. The good news? They’re seeing the tougher rating as a challenge, not a setback.

“Talk of “Fast Six” and “Fast Seven” being shot back-to-back looks more and more solid with scribe Chris Morgan writing a single script that could go across both pictures…” (full details)

“More films from Warners 2012 slate – “Wrath of the Titans,” “Jack the Giant Killer” and “Gravity”, are all reportedly set to be released in IMAX…” (full details)

“Metallica and producer Charlotte Huggins (“Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D”) are moving forward with a 3D feature, though no details are forthcoming as to what kind of film it might be…” (full details)

“Rooney Mara has passed on the potentially controversial female lead role in Spike Lee’s upcoming remake of Park Chan-wook’s cult classic “Oldboy”…” (full details)

“Antonio Banderas says that he was asked to be a part of the cast for “The Expendables” sequel but he couldn’t fit the shoot into his schedule…” (full details)

“Filmmaker John Singleton has filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures seeking $20 million for failure to live up to their deal with the 2005 indie drama “Hustle & Flow” which he produced and financed…” (full details)

“Joaquin Phoenix says that he or his family have NOT been in touch with director George Sluizer about his finishing up of 1993’s “Dark Blood” which features River Phoenix’s last performance…” (full details)

“George Romero has optioned the rights to Steven Schlozman’s novel “The Zombie Autopsies” and is working on the film adaptation…” (full details)

“Chord Overstreet is now being confirmed to return to “Glee” for a multi-episode arc later this season. His episodes will begin airing in December…” (full details)

Finally today comes a great bit of news via Edgar Wright. Seems that Steven Spielberg himself saw UK designer James Curran’s fan-made “The Adventures of Tintin” credits and was so impressed that, not only did Curran get invited to the premiere, he’s also landed a job on Spielberg’s next film.