News Shorts: October 16th 2008

A new poster for The Spirit and two more photos from The Reader.

-Further details are online about the recently announced “Bull Durham” sequel

– Guillermo del Toro says he would love to get illustrator Bernie Wrightson to design the creature for his upcoming “Frankenstein” feature. You can find some of Bernie’s illustrations of scenes from Mary Shelley’s original novel.

-The second half of the fourth season of “Battlestar Galactica” is scheduled to start airing January 16th.

– A post-credits scene in “Max Payne” is said to hint at a sequel.

– The Ghostbusters video game will be released by Atari sometime in late 2009.

“Larry Charles says that he would love to recut the hundreds of hours of footage he shot for the Bill Maher religion-skewering doco “Religulous” into half-hour shows to air as a series on HBO or the like and has already talked to Lionsgate about doing such an idea…” (full details)

“The Goonies” film sequel is not just dead, it’s buried says Director Richard Donner. At the moment he is “in the process of trying to get it done as a musical on Broadway” and has met with former Broadway entertainment attorney John F. Breglio about the idea…” (full details)

“Though not officially signed the to direct the “Thor” movie, Kenneth Branagh has pulled out of directing Hamlet for London’s Wyndham Theatre because of commitments to the film…” (full details)

“Taylor Kitsch talks about playing the role of Gambit in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”…” (full details)

“The new Seth Rogen comedy “Observe & Report” is said to be excellent, but early test audience response may end up cutting out the best gags…” (full details)

“Pretty much everyone who was involved in the previous four “Saw” films will return in cameos, flashbacks and the like in the upcoming fifth film…” (full details)

“UK’s Thorpe Park will be opening a SAW-themed roller coaster in Spring 2009 featuring a drop of 100ยบ from a height of 100ft – that equals 4.5Gs which is the steepest freefall drop in the world…” (full details)