News Shorts: October 13th 2010

Set photos for The Hangover 2, Adam Sandler in drag on the set of Jack and Jill, stills from Hereafter, more Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows character posters, promo art from Caesar: Rise of the Apes and one-sheets for Morning Glory along with And Soon the Darkness.

The first trailer for Kanye West’s short film Runaway, excerpts from the Daft Punk soundtrack for Tron Legacy, and the new Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola-directed beer advertisement for Stella Artois.

Disney Home Video have confirmed that the next two classic animated titles in its DVD & Blu-ray ‘Diamond Collection’ will be “The Lion King” and “Bambi”, with both hitting sometime next year.

A good rundown of the presentation for “The Thing” prequel at the New York Comic Con this past weekend.

Danny Boyle is rumoured to be interested in returning to the director’s chair for a Russian-set third film in the “28 Days Later” series. The report at Dread Central comes via a third party though, and only a week after ‘Days’ scribe Alex Garland said it’ll never happen due to rights being split up and owned by parties who’re no longer talking.

“James Franco has optioned film rights to D.J. Waldie’s memoir “Holy Land” and is looking into making a potential documentary from them, one which he would potentially direct…” (full details)

“Clint Eastwood has denied the rumor that Joaquin Phoenix has joined the cast of his “Hoover” biopic as protege Clyde Tolson. Asked about the rumor, Eastwood said “No. I don’t know where that came from…didn’t he become a rapper?”…” (full details)

“Morgan Freeman says director David Fincher is still attached to the long-gestating “Rendezvous with Rama” film adaptation – “That’s a got-to-be-done movie. Just have to figure out how to do it. I’ve been trying for 15 years now to get a script. You would think it was easier than it is. It’s not, it’s really hard. Fincher is still part of the conversation”…” (full details)

“Cary Elwes says Robert Zemeckis’ planned mo-cap adaptation of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” will kick off production in April of next year…” (full details)

“The Bumblebee car from “Transformers” was involved in a real car accident with a police vehicle responding to an emergency while filming took place on Monday in Washington, D.C. on the third film…” (full details)

“The teaser trailer for Shawn Levy’s robot boxing drama “Real Steel”, starring Hugh Jackman, will debut in front of copies of “Tron Legacy” in December…” (full details)

“Adam Brody has joined the cast of Whit Stillman’s “Damsels in Distress”. Brody will play the suitor of the female lead (Greta Gerwig), a new student at a college who falls in with a group of misguided, style-obsessed college girls…” (full details)

“David Gordon Green says that a “Pineapple Express” sequel, if it could come together, could go in the direction of “Scarface” with Seth Rogen and James Franco’s slacker characters tackling the Miami cocaine scene…” (full details)

“”Let Me In” director Matt Reeves is still keen on getting his passion project, “The Invisible Woman”, made. However previously linked star Naomi Watts is no longer attached to star”…” (full details)

“Warner Bros has decided to release a group of “Looney Tunes” and “Merrie Melodies” cartoons that have been withheld from syndication due to their racist content…” (full details)