News Shorts: October 11th 2010

Heaps of photos of Rooney Mara in make-up and Daniel Craig shooting early scenes from David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. There’s also photos of a still presentation from Hanna, and stills from The Tourist and Fair Game.

“Robert Rodriguez says that “Sin City 2” will come immediately after he finishes directing “Spy Kids 4” which is still in pre-production. There’s a catch though – “Frank Miller and I are working on it. It’s slated to be the next one, but if the script is not ready, then we’ll have to move to the next one” says Rodriguez…” (full details)

“Adrien Brody has dismissed talk that he’s up for the title role in Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” film, saying “I haven’t been involved in any of those discussions”. However he is “enthusiastic” about the project nonetheless…” (full details)

“Bruce Willis says he’s up for doing two more “Die Hard” films and then will hang up the white vest of John McClane for good…” (full details)

“Paul Rudd has confirmed he’ll be donning a prosthetic penis for nude scenes alongside Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming David Wain comedy “WanderLust” about a married couple hiding out in a nudist colony. Aniston’s character will be seen smoking cannabis and engaging in a lesbian scene…” (full details)

“Justin Theroux says the script for a “Zoolander” sequel is jut about done with only a “few little tweaks” left to do before submission. He also confirmed that Will Ferrell’s Mugatu will return along with several new villains…” (full details)

“”Tron Night 2010” is on this October 28th where viewers will be treated to a presentation of 20 minutes of footage from “Tron: Legacy” for American and Canadian audiences. Free tickets to the event will be available on Tuesday, October 12 at 1 PM US-EST…” (full details)

“Electronic duo the Chemical Brothers are composing the score to Joe Wright’s upcoming teen assassin flick “Hanna” starring Eric Bana and Saorsie Ronan…” (full details)

“Wes Craven has confirmed that “Scream 4” is indeed the first of a planned trilogy should the studio be happy with the box-office results. Scribe Kevin Williamson already has “an idea” for said trilogy…” (full details)

“Naomi Watts says she doesn’t think she will be involved in the “Eastern Promises” sequel, saying “Nobody called, so I guess they recast or maybe created a new role for a more attractive, younger girl”…” (full details)

“Indian actor Anil Kapoor (“Slumdog Millionaire,” “24”) and Finnish actor Samuli Edelman (“Peltiheikit,” “The Tough Ones”) have reportedly joined the cast of the currently shooting fourth “Mission Impossible” feature…” (full details)

“This week’s “Jackass 3D” will hit DVD and Blu-ray at Christmas as “Jackass 3.5″ and include all-new footage not seen in theatres…” (full details)

“Having spawned the upcoming AMC series, Robert Kirkman’s bestselling comic series “The Walking Dead” will also become a trilogy of original novels…” (full details)

“A German software company has developed MovieReshape, a software that allows any actor to look either obese or incredibly ripped just by modifying various factors of their body in the computer…” (full details)