News Shorts: October 10th 2008

Posters for Frost/Nixon, The Uninvited, Max Payne, Defiance, Bride Wars, The Hurt Locker, Bedtime Stories and Twilight.

“Variety has confirmed yesterday’s casting report that Josh Brolin is up for the role of Jonah Hex…” (full details)

“‘The Dark Knight’ is now officially ready for pre-orders on for its release on December 9th…” (full details)

“As Director Louis Leterrier (“The Incredible Hulk”) is begging the president of Marvel Studios to do a ‘1602? movie, ‘1602? writer Neil Gaiman says that he’s all for it…” (full details)

“Danny Glover will lend his voice to the character of Major Rusty Gubbins in Fantastic Films International/Crush Productions animatronics feature film “Agent Crush.” Ioan Gruffudd, Neve Campbell and Roger Moore also star…” (full details)

“F/X supervisor Kurt Williams can not confirm or deny reports of Captain America being spotted in a deleted scene on the upcoming DVD for ‘The Incredible Hulk’…” (full details)

“Bill Murray is keen on the idea of a female Ghostbuster being part of the new team in the upcoming third feature…” (full details)

“It looks as if ‘skids’ will be used as Autobots in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” judging by recent set photos from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona…” (full details)

“Veritas Studios announced its first feature film production, Fred & Vinnie, directed by Steve Skrovan, and starring writer Fred Stoller. The comedy about two mismatched guys forced to live together is scheduled to begin shooting in March…” (full details)

“Its dubious but there’s a report that with “Pirates of the Caribbean” director Gore Verbinski off doing the ‘Bioshock’ movie, Tim Burton might direct the fourth ‘Pirates’ instead and that a brother character played by either Sacha Baron Cohen or Russell Brand will be involved…” (full details)

“Summit Entertainment will release Sorority Row, the latest horror remake culled from the ’80s (it’s based on The House on Sorority Row), on October 2nd 2009…” (full details)

“Despite Peter Jackson’s involvement as producer, director Guillermo Del Toro says that Jackson won’t step behind a camera – “If there is a scheduling conflict or a problem of that sort, we may consider it, but right now the idea is I shoot everything”…” (full details)