News Shorts: November 6th 2014

Solution Entertainment Group has released the first image from the Shia LaBeouf-led psychological thriller “Man Down” which also Gary Oldman, Kate Mara and Jai Courtney. Set in a savage post-apocalyptic America, LaBeouf and Courtney play a pair who are in search of the former’s family.

“Zhang Yimou’s first English-language film, ‘The Great Wall’ at Legendary East, has seen a budget increase to $135 million with filming to begin in February. The period action spectacular with sci-fi elements is currently casting…” (full details)

“Ivanhoe Pictures has picked up the film rights to Ryan Graudin’s young adult action-adventure novel ‘The Walled City’. The story follows three teenagers who are fighting to survive and escape a lawless, walled city…” (full details)

“ON Entertainment, Wild Bunch and Pathe are teaming for an $80 million animated feature based on the iconic Playmobil toys brand. Much of the team behind ‘The Little Prince’ will be involved in the Montreal-based production hich will hit in 2017…” (full details)

“Black Mask Studios is set to develop a trilogy of animated features based on the post-apocalyptic comic series ‘Godkiller’. The story follows a teen orphan and an escaped slavegirl journeying through a post-apocalyptic wasteland…” (full details)

“Morgan Spurlock is set to produce ‘The Princess of North Sudan’ for Disney Pictures. The story is based on the recent events of an American man claiming a territory in Africa and proclaiming himself and his family its kings and queens… (full details)

“Lotus Entertainment will co-finance and co-produce Sacha Gervasi’s thriller ‘November Criminals’ alongside Chloe Grace Moretz and Catherine Keener. The murder mystery follows two teenagers thrown into the dangerous underbelly of Washington DC when they investigate the murder of their friend while falling in love for the first time…” (Deadline)

“Grant Thompson is set to write the script for the adaptation of the GQ article ‘Electric Boy Genius’ for Disney. The film tells the story of electrical engineering prodigy Ryan Patterson’s entry into the 2001 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Not only did he win, he also gained a position in aerospace robotics for Lockheed Martin…” (full details)

“Will Simmons is set to pen an adaptation of the vampire comic book “Day Men” at Universal Pictures. The story focuses on the humans who protect and take care of the affairs of Mafia-like vampire families as they sleep during the day. One Day Man finds himself a key player when war breaking between the families…” (full details)

“Focus Features is set to develop a film adaptation of the young adult novel ‘The Scorpio Races’ based on Maggie Stiefvater’s popular book. The story is set on the fictional island of Thisby where, every November, a deadly race is held on mystical and dangerous water horses – only one person will win, and some will die…” (full details)

“Stuart Hazeldine has been hired to direct the film adaptation of the best-selling William Paul Young novel ‘The Shack’ for Lionsgate. The story follows a man who, after a devastating personal tragedy, encounters God himself and a life-transforming journey begins…” (full details)

“Ruben Fleischer (‘Gangster Squad’) has been set to direct an untitled film about Leo Sharp, the 90-year-old award-winning horticulturist who was caught running drugs for Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel…” (full details)

“Black Label Media has set ‘Kill The Messenger’ helmer Michael Cuesta to direct ‘Code Name Veil’. Inspired by true events, the story follows a rookie CIA agent who investigates the first terrorist attacks against America – the bombings in Beirut in 1983…” (full details)

“Sheldon Turner is penning and Tommy Schlamme will direct the drama series ‘Dirty Deeds’ for 20th Century Fox. The project has a premium script commitment with penalty. Based on a 2013 GQ article, the series centers on a vigilant ATF agent and family man who works undercover as a hitman…” (full details)