News Shorts: November 13th 2012

Posters for Oz: The Great and Powerful, Red Dawn, The Host, Gambit, Warm Bodies, Bunyan, and 21 & Over.

Empire have posted up composer Howard Shore’s entire soundtrack for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” online for free.

“Wes Craven tweeted that there’s no fifth ‘Scream’ film in the works – ‘No news on Scream 5 yet. You guys really want another one?’…” (full details)

“Rob Zombie has confirmed his upcoming thriller ‘The Lords of Salem’ has scored an R rating from the MPAA for ‘disturbing violent and sexual content, graphic nudity, language, and some drug use’…” (full details)

“Andrew Garfield is expected to be donning a more comic-faithful Spider-Man suit in the upcoming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ sequel…” (full details)

“Guillermo del Toro says the ‘Puss in Boots’ sequel will take place in a ‘completely different land which is very exotic’…” (full details)

“‘Anchorman’ director Adam McKay says the upcoming ‘Anchorman’ sequel will feature at least one, likely more musical sequences. The story deals with the rise of the 24 hour news cycle and shooting is slated to begin in March…” (full details)

“Jerry Bruckheimer Films has come onboard to produce the paranormal police thriller ‘Beware the Night’ which Eric Bana is in negotiations to star in. The story follows a New York cop who investigates demonic possessions, exorcisms and other supernatural occurences…” (full details)

“Sony Pictures have announced that the Morgan Spurlock-directed 3D documentary on boy band One Direction will be released on Labor Day weekend – August 30th 2013…” (full details)