News Shorts: May 6th 2010

New photos for Killers and You Again. Two new shots from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, final posters both domestic and international for “The Last Airbender”, and a poster for Splice.

For those who want to be spoiled, descriptions of the “Super 8” teaser trailer can be found at /Film and AICN.

A photo of what’s claimed to be one of the designs being considered for the “Godzilla” reboot in the works is up at Twitchfilm.

Sony Pictures has announced that both the Chris Rock-led comedy “Death at A Funeral” and Ricky Gervais’ “Cemetery Junction” will NOT be getting a theatrical release in Australia.

“”Kick-Ass” star Christopher Mintz-Plasse has shot down the talk of the sequel gearing up. The actor revealed on his Twitter – “Don’t believe what you are hearing about Kick-Ass 2 guys. It is not confirmed, but I will love to do it when the time is right!”…” (full details)

“Casey Affleck has apparently completed his long-awaited mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s very public change from acclaimed actor to apparent scruffy hip-hop musician. A deal is expected in coming days…” (full details)

“Despite reports of possible cancellation, scribe Justin Theroux says work is still proceeding on the “Zoolander” sequel script and they’re still working out the story…” (full details)

“”Project Runway” judge Tim Gunn will play an executive assistant at a major cosmetic company in Sony’s “The Smurfs”. Filming is currently underway in New York City…” (full details)

“Kristen Stewart (“Twilight”) will play Mary Lou, the child-bride of the Neal Cassady-inspired character Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund) in Walter Salles’ adaptation of Jack Keruoac’s iconic Beat-Generation work “On The Road”…” (full details)

“Actor Ryan Gosling is producing and has signed on to narrate Phillip Montgomery’s new documentary “ReGeneration” which explores the widespread cynicism in today’s youth and the influences that perpetuate our culture’s apathetic view towards social and political causes…” (full details)

“Director Michel Gondry says it was always the intention to shoot “Green Hornet” in 3D, and that the studio is 100% behind the movie. He adds “If the film is not good, the studio will stop paying any money… Believe me, if they did not think the movie would be great they would stop spending any money on it.”…” (full details)

“Kyle Patrick Alvarez (“Easier WIth Practice”) has adapted the short story “C.O.G.” from David Sedaris’ 1997 book “Naked” and is currently seeking financing…” (full details)

“Director-producer Adam Shankman tweeted last night that he’s just read the “Bye Bye Birdie” remake script by Lorene Scafaria (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) and “its FANTASTIC!!! totally fresh and current”. Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick will produce the film for Sony and Red Wagon Films…” (full details)

“Despite freak waves which caused millions of Euros of damage to waterfront cafes on the town’s landmark Croisette, Cannes Film Festival organisers have said the French resort will be ready for the start of the event after it was hit by severe weather…” (full details)

“Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” has become the moviemaker’s most successful film, beating out 1989’s “Batman”. Its $928.9 million worldwide gross has nudged “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” out of the top ten all-time box-office hits…” (full details)