News Shorts: March 9th 2010

A new photo and several poster standees for Iron Man 2, set photos of Robert Pattinson shooting Bel Ami, the first poster for The A-Team, a new poster for The Losers, four outdoor posters for Kick Ass, and a very saucy poster for Room in Rome.

The official site for the upcoming “Clash of the Titans” remake has launched two online games which can be played from here.

Marc Volander, the director of the upcoming and already infamous “Showgirls: The Return”, gives an interview explaining the project to Twitchfilm

Photo Comparison: Jeff Bridges face in a DVD capture from 1982’s “Tron”, and the Jeff Bridges de-aged via CG face in the new “Tron: Legacy” trailer. Verdict: Essentially flawless FX job guys.

The full story of the behind-the-scenes feuding that led to the on-stage struggle during the ‘Best Documentary Short’ acceptance speech at the Oscars can be found at

“Having seen the film with audiences, Vincenzo Natali is going back into the editing room to ‘tighten up’ the ending of his sci-fi horror flick “Splice”, however he re-iterates that “in essence, it’ll be the same film”…” (full details)

“Timothy Olyphant says he hasn’t talked to Breck Eisner about a sequel to ‘The Crazies’, he may have talked to him about the ‘Flash Gordon’ film, and there’s definitely no plans for a ‘Deadwood’ movie…” (full details)

“Amanda Bynes has dropped out of a planned cameo in the upcoming Farrelly Brothers comedy “Hall Pass” due to a scheduling conflict…” (full details)

“Dane Cook claims to have auditioned for the role of Captain America. The actor both slimmed down and toned up to do so, but thinks they’ll probably go younger…” (full details)

“Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” scored a final domestic opening weekend tally of $116 million, the sixth highest opening weekend of all time and the highest opening weekend for a non-sequel. Its overseas opening weekend tally was a very impressive $94 million…” (full details)

“Producer Graham Yost says the films script he and Tom Hanks worked on adapting 60’s action figure “Major Matt Mason” into a film has been submitted to Universal and is currently out to directors…” (full details)

“Oscar-nominated animated feature “The Secret of Kells” scored New York’s IFC Center its biggest single day and weekend grosses ever along with an astonishing $39,826 per screen average…” (full details)

Finally ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘Wanted’ comic creator Mark Millar says he wants to do a superhero feature set in Scotland, a “21st century Trainspotting kind of thing about people with superpowers and make it epic”…” (full details)

“”Knight and Day” has been pushed up a week from July 2nd 2010 to June 25th 2010 to avoid the stiff competition in July from the likes of ‘Eclipse,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘Last Airbender’ and ‘Salt’…” (full details)

“”The Life Acquatic” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” co-scribes Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson have a partly written script that they’ve been working on since ‘Acquatic’ and have been slowly developing over the years. Don’t expect it to be done for years though…” (full details)

“Adam Cole-Kelly & Sam Pittman have sold their comedy pitch “Premature Maturation” to 20th Century Fox. The “Big”-esque story follows a group of kids who suddenly awaken as adults. Peter Chernin is producing…” (full details)

“Alexa Junge (TV’s “Friends,” “United States of Tara”) has signed on to adapt the first book in Melissa de la Cruz’s teen drama novel series “Au Pairs” for Warner Bros. Pictures. Junge will re-write an earlier draft by Liz Garcia…” (full details)

“‘Alien’ art-director Roger Christian says Ridley Scott’s upcoming prequel will be shot in 3D. Asked if he himself would be back on board, Christian says he doesn’t know but seemed hopeful…” (full details)