News Shorts: March 2nd 2009

A whole bunch of stills are out from Terminator Salvation, Dragonball Evolution #1 and #2 and .

Posters for “Up” #1, #2, #3 along with Crank: High Voltage, The Edge of Love, The Proposal, State of Play and Franklyn.

“With my relationship with THQ, you’ll actually see me develop Saints Row into a screenplay and into a film project. I’m optioning the rights to that now, so you’ll see that before you see me attempt to do [a film adaptation of my games]” says rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson about turning the “Saints Row” video game series into a film…” (full details)

“Just delivered new draft about three minutes ago. The first key title work just got sent through to me I can tell you it’s looking HOT. It’s all very exciting here. Still no official word on a shoot date but I hear it should be later this year. I’m in Hollywood working with the conceptual art guys – they’re doing a bang up job” says writer Tim Boyle about how “The Phantom: Legacy” comic adaptation is coming along…” (full details)

“An Ood was spotted during filming of what is presumed to be the second of the 2009 “Doctor Who” specials, starring David Tennant as the Doctor and guest starring Lindsay Duncan as his companion. Filming is currently going in Newport, Wales and Tennant was seen wearing an orange spacesuit much like the one he wore in a few previous episodes ala “42” and “The Satan Pit”…” (full details)

“UK cable channel Dave’s new “Red Dwarf” special “Back to Earth” has grown from a two to a three part mini-series, with the new episodes being shown April 10th, 11th and 12th…” (full details)

“Tennis champion Roger Federer indicated he’d likes the idea of Brad Pitt playing him if they ever did a biopic about him…” (full details)

“Illustrator Phil Saunders has posted up some of the sketches he did for J.J. Abrams long-defunct “Superman” project from nearly a decade ago…” (full details)

“‘Slumdog Millionaire’ director Danny Boyle and star Dev Patel are in talks to appear on a Celebrity Edition of ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’. The winnings would be donated to an Indian children’s charity…” (full details)

“‘Saw’ helmer James Wan hinted on his Facebook the other week that he was one of the contenders up for the directing job on the ‘Green Hornet’ feature…” (full details)

“Regent Releasing has acquired U.S. rights to Roger Spottiswoode’s docudrama “Shake Hands With the Devil,” about Canadian Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire’s experience as a leader of U.N. troops in Rwanda in 1994. Regent will release the film theatrically in the summer…” (full details)

“Mark Verheiden (“Heroes,” “Battlestar Galactica”) has been hired to pen the DreamWorks sci-fi adventure “Quartermain,” no plot details are available.” Quartermain” is one of the seventeen projects DreamWorks developed then paid to take with it when it left the Paramount fold last year…” (full details)

“Amanda Hutchinson will redraft Cathy McCarthy’s “Oh Brother,” a marriage-centered comedy at Gold Circle Films. The storyline involves a successful woman who grew up an orphan and hires actors to play her relatives so she can impress her fiance’s family at their wedding…” (full details)

“Bruce Willis and his production company are being sued in Los Angeles for US$4 million for breach of contract. The lawsuit alleges Willis Brother Films agreed on a contract with three companies to produce the feature film Three Stories About Joan, which Willis was to star in and direct but quit as director without notice in violation of the agreement…” (full details)