News Shorts: March 24th 2009

Heaps of new stills from “Where the Wild Things Are” have gone up at USA Today, as is a new promo image from “Astro Boy”.

Posters for Gatchaman, Next Day Air, Terminator Salvation

Concept art is online for “Black Lightning”, the new film from “Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov.

Still have your 3D glasses from the “Monsters vs. Aliens” Superbowl promo? Then you can use them to check out EW’s gallery of 3D photos from “Toy Story 3,” “Ice Age 3,” “Up” and more.

“Yahoo Movies has come up with an interesting list of the “100 Movies To See Before You Die” although there are some huge omissions and no films from post-2001 aside from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy…” (full report)

“Roberto Orci says that he and fellow “Transformers” scribe Alex Kurtzman will not pen a third film in that series as they don’t want to “risk getting stale and comfortable.” He also admitted that he has talked with Leonard Nimoy about providing the voice of the Fallen for the upcoming sequel…” (full report)

“One thing we haven’t heard from “Star Trek” yet is “Lost” composer Michael Giacchino’s score. All the trailers so far have used custom music made specifically for those trailers and won’t be included in the final film. Well a report on the scoring session is out and includes a few minutes of audio samples…” (full report)

“Sylvester Stallone has explained that he tried to get Kurt Russell to appear in his upcoming action ensemble ‘The Expendables’ but the actor turned down the offer…” (full report)

“More than 3 million DVD copies of the vampire-romance “Twilight” sold on its first day, ranking the film among the top five best-selling DVD titles of the past two years…” (full report)

“Reese Witherspoon says her character in Pixar’s 2011 release The Bear and the Bow as ‘a girl from royalty who would rather be a great archer and has a Scottish accent’…” (full report)

“Due to an online leak last year, Warner Bros. has reportedly changed much of the third act of “Terminator Salvation” with the new ending testing better than the original…” (full report)