News Shorts: March 23rd 2007

Imagi Studios (“TMNT”) has posted pre-production artwork from their upcoming “Gatchaman” (known as “G-Force” in the US) and “Astro Boy” movie adaptations at their official site.

Shaun Toub’s role in the upcoming “Iron Man” is said to be that of the film’s main villain – Mandarin.

The IESB reports that Batman will definitely be in the JLA movie … if it happens. Christian Bale apparently has a clause in his three-picture contract that allows him to star in one “ensemble” film as Batman.

L.A. Weekly’s Nikki Finke rants about how difficult Julie Taymor is and why it is in fact her fault that “Across the Universe” is having troubles.

The immortal villain Morlun is rumoured to be the next villain in the “Spider-Man” film franchise.

Miss the recent online leak of Lily Tomlin’s outbursts on the “I Heart Huckabees” set? The vids are still around.

A review of the first 28 minutes of “28 Weeks Later”

Wes Craven and his son Jonathan talk about “The Hills Have Eyes 2” opening in cinemas today.

The executive producer of “Supernatural” has an interesting interview discussing plans for the future of the show, and talks sex for Jared Padalecki.

Robert Englund talks about the flood of horror remakes, an “Elm Street” prequel, and hanging up the glove.

A first look at photos from the Lucy Liu vampire movie “Rise” are up at Beyond Hollywood.

The teaser trailer for the fantasy film “The Waterhorse” will be attached to most prints of “Spider-Man 3” says Director Jay Russel. He’s also posted some behind-the-scenes photos.