News Shorts: March 21st 2013

New photos from Only God Forgives, Pacific Rim, The Company You Keep, Monsters University, and cleaner hi-res shots from The Wolverine.

Posters for Despicable Me 2, Hummingbird, Stuck in Love, The East, The Colony, Tomorrow You’re Gone, Erased, The Place Beyond the Pines, G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3D, an IMAX poster for Iron Man 3, Passion, and five character posters for Spring Breakers .

“The U.S. release of Edgar Wright’s ‘The World’s End’ has been moved up by two months to August 23rd 2013, now very close to the U.K. release…” (full details)

“MGM’s CEO says they ‘are hoping within the next three years’ to release the next installment in the James Bond franchise . In other news, rain is wet…” (full details)

“Ryan Reynolds says Fox is reluctant to pull the trigger on the Deadpool script due to it being ‘such a hard rated-R script’. Complicating matters is the filmmakers won’t make it unless it is an edgy R-rated feature…” (full details)

“James Mangold says he will tweet a peek at the teaser trailer for ‘The Wolverine’ next Tuesday (26th). The full 1m 51s teaser will go online the next day (27th) and hit screens that Friday (29th)…” (full details)

“Actor/filmmaker David Leon will expand his short film ‘Orthodox’ starring Stephen Graham into a full-length feature. The story deals with a man caught between two worlds, the Orthodox Jewish community and mainstream life…” (full details)

“Sony Pictures Classics have acquired all North American, Latin American and Eastern European rights to Mike Leigh’s upcoming biopic of British artist J.M.W. Turner – currently referred to as ‘Untitled Mike Leigh 13’. Timothy Spall stars…” (full details)

“Thomas Newman (‘Finding Nemo,’ ‘WALL-E’) has revealed that he will provide the musical score for Disney/Pixar’s Summer 2014 feature ‘The Good Dinosaur’. The story follows one boy’s friendship with his Apatosaurus pal in a modern world where dinosaurs never went extinct…” (full details)

“Cohen Media Group has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Drake Doremus’ ‘Breathe In’. Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones star in the project, which is slated for a late 2013 theatrical release…” (full details)

“Magnet Releasing has picked up North American distribution rights to Jacob Vaughan’s horror comedy ‘Milo’ which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. Ken Marino stars as a man with a murderous demon living in his intestines…” (full details)

A Kickstarter page has launched in which GI Joe’s Cobra Commander amusingly asks the public to help him raise $21 million needed to rebuild the organization after being defeat by the G.I. Joes.