News Shorts: March 18th 2009

Posters for Where the Wild Things Are, Imagine That, The Merry Gentlemen, Orphan, Observe and Report, Crank: High Voltage, The Cake Eaters, The Limits of Control, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Year One, Splinterheads, The Ugly Truth, Up.

“Tom Cruise has started work on the fourth installment in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise and is working on the story right now according to the actor himself on the popular SMAP SMAP program in Japan…” (full details)

“A three-minute trailer for Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are” adaptation is set to be attached to DreamWorks Animation’s “Monsters vs. Aliens” opening March 27th 2009…” (full details)

“Eric Roberts has joined the cast of “Howl”, the Allen Ginsberg biopic starring James Franco in the role of the controversial poet Roberts is expected to play a pivotal character in the film…” (full details)

“National Geographic Entertainment has bought all rights to Sundace immigrant dramedy crowd-pleaser “Amreeka”, and is planning a Fall theatrical release. Cherien Dabis’ feature debut tells of a Palestinian single mother who comes to the U.S. with dreams of a brighter future but winds up in rural illinois living with relatives and working at a White Castle restaurant while her son struggles to adjust in his homogenous high school…” (full details)

“Evan Charnov (“Fearless”) is writing the screenplay for Warner Direct’s direct-to-dvd threequel “The Lost Boys 3″. Corey Feldman has signed on to return to reprise his role as Edgar Frog, vampire hunter while Jamison Newlander has signed on to reprise his role as Alan Frog from the original 1987 film…” (full details)

“SNL comedian Andy Samberg is set to host the 2009 MTV Movie Awards which will premiere live on Sunday May 31st from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City…” (full details)

“”Doctor Who” fans, the TARDIS interior will be redesigned for both the new Doctor Matt Smith’s arrival and the shift to HD filming in the next season. The designers will also “improve the quality of the police box exterior”, …” (full details)

“The South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby club have announced that the upcoming Universal thriller “State of Play” will be the Club’s major sleeve sponsor during the 2009 NRL season. ‘Play’ stars Russell Crowe, the club’s most famous fan…” (full details)

“Shannen Doherty says her man-stealing character Brenda Walsh will be back for the first-season finale of the CW’s “90210”. Doherty left the show several episodes ago, after Brenda and Kelly (Jennie Garth) had a falling out because Brenda had hooked up with Kelly’s love interest, Ryan…” (full details)

“Cinesite has been selected by Warner Bros. to provide major creature animation on Clash of the Titans. The work involves a major battle sequence, and will include 2D and 3D shots as well as a lead CG creature. Filming on the project begins in May…” (full details)

“Owen Wilson let slip on a British radio station that he is taking a look at doing another Western, a big screen version of the comic gunslinger 70s TV series Alias Smith & Jones…” (full details)

“Did you find Doctor Manhattan’s blue penis too distracting? Are you a fan of those old 8-bit video games? Here’s an awesome video that combines the two…” (full details)

“Parent groups have filed an FCC complaint against “Family Guy” for a recent episode which featured “bestiality, orgies and babies eating sperm”…” (full details)

“After two years of protesting for more of CBS’ “Jericho,” the canceled CBS show will return as a comic book that picks up where the cult-favorite series left off…” (full details)

“Check out the new Cylon-esque looking model of “K9” that will feature in the “Doctor Who” spin-off series “K9″ currently being filmed in Australia…” (the photo)