News Shorts: March 11th 2010

A great new billboard for “Tron Legacy” has been sent along by Disney Pictures and can be viewed here, while the monorail at Disney World in Florida will get a “Tron” makeover later this month, pics can be found here.

“Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has been tapped to voice Brainy Smurf in the 3D hybrid live-action/CG animation feature film adaptation of “The Smurfs”…” ( full details)

“Last March Summit’s “Knowing” drew massive criticism for its ridiculous ending. A year on, critics have begun spoiling the ‘surprise ending’ of Summit’s new Robert Pattinson movie “Remember Me” due out tomorrow and the reveal sounds it is going to get a similar skewering…” ( full details)

“Richard Jenkins and Bruce Thomas have recently joined the Farrelly brothers new comedy “Hall Pass” for New Line Cinema. Jenkins will play a man who never found the right woman, Thomas will play a baseball player…” ( full details)

“John Hodge (“Trainspotting”) has been hired to pen the script for Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur-take “Excalibur” at Atlas Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures. Thomas Mallory’s 1485 compilation “Le Morte d’Arthur” will be used as the key source material…” ( full details)

“So why did Disney decided to re-title their animated “Rapunzel” feature to “Tangled”? Apparently to make the project more boy-friendly after young boys avoided “The Princess and the Frog”…” ( full details)

“”Avatar” actor Stephen Lang has confirmed last week’s report that he will play the villain Khalar Singh in director Marcus Nispel’s “Conan”…” ( full details)

“Ja Rule has signed on to star in Steve Race’s “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” for Reverence Gospel Media. The rapper plays a former dealer gone clean who continues to hang out with his old friends and associates. Meeting the girl of his dreams (Adrienne Bailon), he must decide whether to return to his criminal roots. Filming kicks off May 10th in San Joe…” ( full details)

“How much do people like Scorsese movies? A man who complained about a woman talking on her cellphone during a “Shutter Island” screening found himself stabbed in the throat with a meat thermometer by the woman’s date…” ( full details)

“Quentin Tarantino is being sued for more than a million dollars by a man who claims the Oscar-winning film-maker’s martial arts-themed double feature Kill Bill was partly based on his ideas…” ( full details)

“A contest is out allowing you to design a gruesome kill for the video game “Dead Space 2″ and if you win, that kill goes in the game…” ( full details)

“Former ‘Variety’ writer Anne Thompson has penned an interesting piece on the letting go of Todd McCarthy as a full time critic and the main reason to read Variety…” ( full details)