News Shorts: June 29th 2010

The first photo of Neve Campbell’s look on-set for Scream 4, a new photo from Priest, the first photo of the titular creature in Dreamworks Animation’s Rango, and posters for Dinner for Schmucks and The Experiment.

“Universal has announced the Blu-ray release of the “Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy” on October 26th 2010. The studio has restored all three movies, and the set will feature more than two hours of never-seen bonus material…” (full details)

“David Dobkin (“Wedding Crashers”) has opted to produce rather than direct the Max Borenstein-scripted film adaptation of the 1960s television series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”. Doug Liman was offered the job to direct but has since passed on the job, so the studio is out to directors again…” (full details)

“Terry Gilliam’s long gestating “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” has apparently undergone a few script changes, most notably the setting has been changed from a period setting to the contemporary era. Ewan McGregor’s Toby character has been changed from an ad executive to a struggling screenwriter…” (full details)

“The script for “Inferno”, the Linda Lovelace biopic starring Lindsay Lohan, contains “child abuse, three orgasms, two beatings, intense humiliation and a bloody car crash” within the first 32 pages…” (full details)

“There’s rumor Bono and The Edge are writing a song or music of some sort for Pixar’s “Brave”, the project formerly titled “The Bear and the Bow”…” (full details)

“Elias Koteas has been cast in “Winnie,” the Winnie Mandela biopic being produced by Equinoxe Films. Koteas will play De Vries, an overzealous officer in the apartheid police state who rises in power and becomes intent on stopping Winnie and the black anti-apartheid activists from gaining power…” (full details)

“Josh Peck (“The Wackness”) is set to star in the comedy “The Siege Of Fulton Avenue”. Based on a New York Magazine article by David Amsden, the story follows a bunch of rich kids in Westchester who end up in a stand off with the police during a wild party. The kids rush to destroy evidence of their illicit activites while holding the police at bay…” (full details)

“English thespian Rafe Spall has joined the cast of Lone Scherfig ‘s adaptation of David Nicholls’ romantic comedy “One Day” Spall plays a would-be stand-up comedian who is also the partner of Anne Hathaway’s character…” (full details)

“Charles Randolph (“The Interpreter”) has been hired by Plan B and Paramount Pictures to pen a script for a film adaptation of “Moneyball” author Michael Lewis’ 2008 financial crisis-themed latest novel “The Big Short”…” (full details)

“Jake Paltrow is making a secret documentary with “Fantastic Mr. Fox” writer-director Noah Baumbach which is shooting in Los Angeles this week after having shot in New York…” (full details)

“Oscar nominee Michael Radford’s (“Il Postino,” “The Merchant Of Venice”) has been locked out of post-production on his Spanish language film “La Mula” (“The Mule”)…” (full details)