News Shorts: June 16th 2010

The first photos from Real Steel and The Smurfs, a new still from The Tempest, numerous stills from Predators and some test footage of a potential live-action Blue Beetle movie.

The anticipated Matthijs van Heijningen-directed prequel to “The Thing” has announced an April 29th 2011 release date.

Paramount Pictures has announced that “The Last Airbender” will come out a day earlier than planned – Thursday July 1st.

“No surprise here, MGM’s “Cabin in the Woods” looks to be facing the same fate as the remake of “Red Dawn”…” (full details)

“Sam Raimi is now officially set to direct Disney’s ‘Wizard’ prequel, “The Great and Powerful Oz”, as his next project…” (full details)

“Comedian Bill Hader (“Superbad”) has scored a small role in Edgar Wright’s upcoming “Scott Pilgrim” film…” (full details)

“Megan Fox says the film adaptation of the comic “Fathom”, to which she’s attached is still in the works – “They’re still working on the script and getting that together”…” (full details)

“Michael Hogan (“Battlestar Galactica”) has joined the cast of Catherine Hardwicke’s supernatural thriller “Red Riding Hood” starring Amanda Seyfried, Julie Christie and Gary Oldman. Hogan plays a mystery man known as The Reeve…” (full details)

“William Shatner is set to direct “The Captains”, a documentary that captures Shatner’s career arc to overnight success as Captain James T. Kirk. Canadian pay TV channel Movie Central will start broadcasting the doco in winter 2011….” (full details)

“Terrence Malick’s much-anticipated “The Tree of Life” may not have its premiere at the Venice Film Festival after all as some have surmised…” (full details)

“Mark and Brian Gunn (“Journey to the Mysterious Island”) have been hired to write Paramount’s remake of “The Monster Squad.” Rob Cohen, who produced the original film, will produce and direct the new version…” (full details)

“Viggo Mortensen has joined the cast of Argentinean writer-director Ana Piterbarg’s “Everyone Has A Plan”. Story details are unknown but shooting will take place around Buenos Aires and Tigre next year…” (full details)

“Mandate Pictures has selected Oren Uziel to adapt “Just Another Love Story,” its remake of Ole Bornedal’s Danish thriller…” (full details)