News Shorts: July 27th 2010

Four character posters for Green Lantern and six for Sucker Punch.

Posters for It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a Comic Con and a regular poster for “Let Me In”, and concept art for Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla movie.

Some clips from Daft Punk’s amazing sounding score for “Tron Legacy” have gone online at

“Julie Taymor’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” will screen Sept. 11 as the closing-night film at the Venice Film Festival…” (full details)

“Paparazzi photos of Sandra Bullock meeting with director Stephen Daldry has lead to speculation she might be starring in the Daldry-directed, Eric Roth-penned “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” adaptation…” (full details)

“Doctor Strange, Black Panther and possibly Iron Fist will be among the post-Avengers Marvel properties to be made. Feige also confirms Patrick Dempsey is NOT playing Doctor Strange…” (full details)

“Aaron Eckhart says he’s as much in the dark about what’s happening with the next “Batman” film as everyone else, but if Nolan decided to bring back the character, he would be more than happy to return…” (full details)

“Marvel’s Kevin Feige has confirmed that the studio has gotten the rights back to “The Punisher” franchise and an announcement will be coming shortly about the return of Frank Castle…” (full details)

“Robert Rodriguez has confirmed he’d been sent the “Deadpool” script to consider for a potential next directing gig but he claims his upcoming slate is already quite full …” (full details)

“The script is still coming together, but director Len Wiseman says a fourth “Underworld” is coming together with Kate Beckinsale likely to return…” (full details)

“Alexandre Aja (“Piranha 3D,” “The Hills Have Eyes”) is considering developing a remake of William Lustig’s brutal 1980 film “Maniac” which his partner Greg Levasseur would direct…” (full details)

“Kenneth Lonergan’s “Margaret”, the unreleased 2006 drama with Matt Damon and Anna Paquin, will finally get a release through Fox Searchlight next year…” (full details)

“A joke by Oliver Stone about doing a “Scarface” sequel has been taken out of context and reported as news in some online circles…” (full details)

“Bruce Willis says the decision about whether to proceed with a fifth “Die Hard” film is “imminent… the coin is about to drop”…” (full details)

“Even if a “Top Gun” sequel goes ahead, Tom Cruise himself says he won’t be involved…” (full details)

“Thanks to strong video sales, a sequel to “Legion” has apparently been talked about according to director Scott Stewart…” (full details)

“Writer/producer Evan Goldberg (“Superbad,” “Pineapple Express”) says they’re pursuing Seann William Scott to star in the upcoming hockey comedy “Goon” with Jay Baruchel. Catch is Scott is pegged to star in Kevin Smith’s hockey comedy “Hit Somebody”…” (full details)

“Peter Bratt (“La Mission”) has signed on to direct the environmentalist biopic “Silent Spring of Rachel Carson” which will focus on Carson’s struggles to pen 1962’s “Silent Spring” which exposed the dangers of pesticides…” (full details)

“Zach Braff is looking to direct “Swingles” about a man who seeks an obnoxious woman to serve as his new wingman in the dating scene…” (full details)

“Michael Parks has signed on for Kevin Smith’s horror feature “Red State”…” (full details)