News Shorts: July 14th 2010

The first set photos from Fast Five, six character posters for Machete, and the first photos from Devil.

“The Cobol Job”, a prequel comic to Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”, has gone online at Yahoo Movies!.

The “What Women Want” trailer has scored a fan-made recut with audio from the recent Mel Gibson recordings replacing his dialogue. The clip is up at Vulture.

“Peter Jackson is currently in Los Angeles, looking at potential actors for the cast of The Hobbit. His deal to direct the films is also said to be “close to done” while Warners is “furiously negotiating” with MGM to get the other half of the rights…” (full details)

“Allison Janney has joined the cast of Tate Taylor’s “The Help”. Janney will portray the mother of Emma Stone’s character Skeeter Phelan…” (full details)

“The anticipated documentary “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix” is set to get a platform release in the U.S. through Magnolia Pictures starting September 10th. Phoenix himself is set to do press for it as well…” (full details)

“Dario Argento has given his blessing to the “Suspiria” remake and is allowing producer Marco Morabito to go ahead with it. David Gordon Green is expected to direct the film which begins shooting next year…” (full details)

“The Wachowski’s upcoming R-rated gay love affair in Iraq project has scored a title – “CN9″. Casting has begun…” (full details)

“Sam Raimi, Gore Verbinski, Timur Bekmambetov and Kevin Macdonald are all rumoured to have taken meetings about potentially directing the next Jack Ryan feature “Moscow” starring Chris Pine…” (full details)

“Zachary Levi (TV’s “Chuck”) is rumoured to be one of the potential candidates for the new “Superman”…” (full details)

“Catheirne Hardwicke has apparently been linked as a potential director of the feature-length adaptation of Cynthia Wade’s Oscar-winning short documentary “Freeheld” which Ellen Page will star in…” (full details)

“Despite online rumors of his return, actor Liev Schreiber has confirmed he’s not involved in the currently shooting “Scream 4″…” (full details)

“Cinema Libre is developing a film based on the 2004 memoir “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” which details U.S. government and corporations persuading underdeveloped countries to accept massive development loans that could not be repaid…” (full details)