News Shorts: January 31st 2011

New merchandise artwork from the upcoming “Green Lantern” film.

More photos and a video of a stuntman in the Spider-Man costume shooting scenes for the reboot in Los Angeles.

A poster for the comedy Bridesmaids.

New set photos of Oliver Platt, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Rose Byrne shooting X-Men: First Class.

“The Coen brothers are looking at a setting for one of their upcoming films they haven’t used before – “We have a script set in New York in the 60s. It takes place in the folk revival of the early 1960s, that whole weird thing”…” (full details)

“Disney Pictures has scheduled the animated Studio Ghibli production “Arrietty” for a release on February 17th 2012, around six months later than expected and almost two years after its Japanese release…” (full details)

“A quick tweet hinting that Robin Williams might play Dr. Hugo Strange in “The Dark Knight Rises” lead to a flurry of online articles. Trouble is, none of it was true…” (full details)

“An offer is out to Nicolas Cage to star in Michele Soavi’s “Treasure of Pompeii”. Said to have a Goonies-esque tone, the story follows “some boys’ adventures in Pompeii, the dead Roman city, while searching for a hidden treasure.” Production is slated to kick off in April…” (full details)

“Shawn Levy’s robot boxing film “Real Steel” will be a “heartfelt, romantic and nuanced movie”…which is “far more like “The Champ” than it is “RoboCop””…” (full details)

“Movie theater chain Regal Entertainment Group has announced it plans to double the number of screens in its theaters that can play 3D movies. They currently have 1,500 3D screens across the entire chain…” (full details)

“The last minute delay of the mid-season premieres of “Smallville” and “Supernatural” late last week turned out to be a pointless decision by the network who was worried about “American Idol” ratings…” (full details)