News Shorts: January 25th 2011

New stills from The Eagle and several more photos from the street shooting on the Spider-Man reboot.

Five character posters for Sucker Punch along with a new one-sheet for Battle: Los Angeles.

“James Cameron re-affirmed the already reported date of Christmas 2014 and Chrismas 2015 for the “Avatar” sequels and confirmed they will be shot back-to-back…” (full details)

“Ed Helms says that the upcoming ‘Hangover’ sequel is “basically the comedy version of Apocalypse Now, always on the edge of total chaos, shooting in places Helms said felt genuinely ‘unsafe'”…” (full details)

“”Moon” and “Source Code” helmer Duncan Jones has revealed he turned down the chance to direct the upcoming “Superman” reboot because he didn’t feel he was ready to take charge of a blockbuster of such a scale…” (full details)

“CBS has picked up two drama pilots. The Doctor, which centres on a mother who reconnects with her adult children when she joins the family medical practice. “Hail Mary” follows a buddy private investigator drama centered on a suburban single mom living in Atlanta who teams up with a hustler to solve crimes…” (full details)

“That news last week of hit online short “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth” becoming a web series? The news is now official and shooting kicks off in Vancouver in February…” (full details)

“Ken Howard has booked the role of U.S. Attorney General Harlan F. Stone in Clint Eastwood’s FBI movie “J. Edgar”. Stone was responsible for Hoover’s hiring as the head of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation in 1924…” (full details)