News Shorts: January 21st 2009

“Who is the Marlene Dietrich-esque lady in the classic poster? Why it’s Diane Kruger in character as “Bridget von Hammersmark” in Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”…” (full details)

“Mike Myers comedy ‘The Love Guru’ topped the list of final nominees for this year’s Razzie Awards celebrating the worst in films…” (full details)

“Now we know why Sam Jackson won’t be back as Nick Fury – Michey Rourke’s salary to play the villain in the upcoming ‘Iron Man’ sequel? A mere $250,000…” (full details)

“Looks like “24” will be coming to a close at the end of next season, and Jack Bauer may die…” (full details)

“‘Push’ director Paul McGuigan has confirmed he was working on a film adaptation of Marvel Comics’ cyborg character ‘Deathlok’ but “Marvel changed their mind…It would have been a good movie. Maybe they’ll still make it with somebody else”…” (full details)

“Two people fainted during a screening of Paul Solet’s horror film Grace at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The theater owner confirmed that in ten years it’s the first time it’s happened…” (full details)

“”He’s basically an alien who may be, let’s say, 70% CGI and the big challenge is that he needs to be a very funny, comedic method actor” says ‘Superbad’ helmer Greg Mottola of the titular alien character in his upcoming Simon Pegg/Nick Frost buddy comedy “Paul”…” (full details)

“Eliza Dushku (“Tru Calling,” “Buffy”) is set to produce a biopic of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe with her brother Nate as the man himself…” (full details)

“A security guard, directing patrons to exit Long Island film theater after a showing of “My Bloody Valentine in 3D”, got into an argument with a 16-year-old and stabbed the teenager in the stomach…” (full details)

“Chrysler has set a deal to place its vehicles in cameo roles in the upcoming “Terminator Salvation”…” (full details)

“Quentin Tarantino confirms that his planned complete DVD cut of the ‘Kill Bill’ saga will arrive sometime and features a whole new animated section that was originally planned but had to be cut for time …” (full details)

“MGM has slowed down its plans for Bond on Blu-ray with only three rather than six of the classic titles set to hit in March – the silly “Moonraker”, the ordinary “The World is Not Enough” and the cinematic classic “Goldfinger”. Recent entry, the tedious “Quantum of Solace”, also comes out March 24th…” (full details)