News Shorts: January 12th 2011

The first poster for 51, the artwork for upcoming Blu-ray release of the original “Tron”, and yet another character poster for Kevin Smith’s Red State.

“Jon Favreau has confirmed in a tweet that there’ll be a Superbowl ad for “Cowboys and Aliens” and they’re cutting it right now…” (full details)

“Imax has inked a four-picture deal with Paramount Pictures to release “Super 8,” “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” on the format…” (full details)

“Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Watson are the front runners to play Taylor Lautner’s love interest in Fox 2000’s adaptation of Catherine Fisher’s sci-fi/fantasy novel “Incarceron”…” (full details

“J.J. Abrams says audiences should see a trailer for “Super 8” in March, and that he hopes to have made his decision about whether to return to the director’s chair for “Star Trek 2″ by then…” (full details)

“Should he return for “The Hobbit”, Orlando Bloom is reportedly set to earn a million dollars for a two-minute cameo as Legolas…” (full details)

“Tish Cyrus, mother of Miley Cyrus, has been met with producer Suzanne Todd (“Alice in Wonderland,” “Austin Powers”) about turning Rock Mafia’s “The Big Bang” music video into a feature film. The video itself starred Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers as star-crossed lovers…” (full details)

“Elijah Wood says of his role in “The Hobbit” that “they’ve come up with something that I think is kind of interesting and I think very fitting that doesn’t necessarily infringe upon the integrity of the original novel. it’s great. I’m really excited”…” (full details)

“Ivan Reitman says that due to the deal he has, if Bill Murray doesn’t like the “Ghostbusters 3″ script then it probably won’t get made at all…” (full details)

“Russell Crowe will be in China for most of February shooting his role in RZA’s new film “The Man with the Iron Fist”…” (full details)

“Amy Pohler and Will Arnett will play parents to titular character in the English voice cast of Studio Ghibli’s “Arrietty the Borrower”. Disney will release that version later this year…” (full details)

“Joe Cornish’s directorial debut, the sci-fi invasion flick “Attack the Block”, is set to get a score by Basement Jaxx…” (full details)