News Shorts: January 10th 2011

New photos from The Rite, Sanctum, The Housemaid, The Mechanic, No Strings Attached, Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, The Way Back, The Dilemma, The Green Hornet and My Idiot Brother.

Impressive banners for Sucker Punch and Kung Fu Panda 2 along with one-sheets for Kaboom, Burning Palms and Margin Call. Also various merchandising tie-in artwork is out for Green Lantern.

Two bits of “Captain America: The First Avenger” image-related news today – a shot of Hugo Weaving in character as Red Skull (pre-makeup) holding the Cosmic Cube is is here, while apparent concept art of Red Skull after the transformation is here.

An apparent description of the teaser trailer for “X-Men: First Class” has emerged at The Daily Blam.

“Oscar-nominated English filmmaker Peter Yates, who directed such cult hits as “The Deep,” “Bullitt,” “Krull,” “The Hot Rock,” “The Dresser,” “Suspect” and “Breaking Away”, died Sunday in London at the age of 82 following a long illness…” (full details)

“A production board listing at Universal Studios over the weekend suggested a fourth “Jurassic Park” was currently shooting in four sound stages on the lot. Universal Pictures denied the report and JP3 filmmaker Joe Johnston has laughed it off. It’s almost certainly looking like a prank…” (full details)

“Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook has shot a $133,000, 30-minute short called “Paranmanjang” using only his iPhone 4…” (full details)

“Michelle Pfeiffer is set to play the mother of Chris Pine’s character in Alex Kurtzman’s “Welcome to People” which begins shooting next week…” (full details)

“Though two weeks away from its premiere at Sundance, Sony Pictures Classics is showing heavy interest in Morgan Spurlock’s new doco “The Greatest Film Ever Sold” which explores how sponsorships and corporate tie-ins affect the film industry…” (full details)

“David Fincher (“The Social Network”), Christopher Nolan (“Inception”), Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”), Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) and David O. Russell (“The Fighter”) are the five nominees for the major award of Outstanding Directorial Achievement at the upcoming Director’s Guild Awards…” (full details)

“Alice in Wonderland, Barney’s Version, The Fighter, Jonah Hex, True Grit, The Way Back and The Wolfman have made it to the next round of nominations in the Makeup category for The 83rd Academy Awards. That list will be narrowed to three in time for the nominations…” (full details)

“Baz Luhrmann said this week at CES that he may shoot The Great Gatsby in 3D…” (full details)