News Shorts: February 6th 2011

Photos from the currently filming season of Doctor Who show one episode seemingly set in the times of high seas piracy with Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) decked out in full gear.

Three new stills from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides show Geoffrey Rush in some interesting make-up.

There’s also two shots of Natalie Portman in Thor, and a magazine scan of a possible marriage scene in Sherlock Holmes 2.

“A report has emerged that a water treatment plant at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan was being scouted by “The Dark Knight Rises” crew as a possible location of “Robin’s hideout”. Said report has since been dismissed…” (full details

“Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Randy Newman, Alan Menken, Florence Welch and A.R. Rahman will all take the Oscar stage on February 27th to sing nominated songs…” (full details)

“Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly seen “The King’s Speech” and found the film “moving and enjoyable”…” (full details)

“Oscar-nominated composer Alan Menken, who has penned many of the Oscar nominated songs for Disney animated classics like “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid” and recently “Tangled”, will write songs for the USO show scenes in the upcoming “Captain America: The First Avenger”…” (full details)

“Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller “Inception” won the Best Original Screenplay Award, while Aaron Sorkin’s script for “The Social Network” won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award from the Writers Guild of America on Saturday…” (full details)

“With their server finally up and working again, Comic-Con has sold all of its four-day passes to the event in less than a day…” (full details)

“Jerry Bruckheimer has picked up a space adventure pitch from “Prometheus” scribe Jon Spaihts. Plot details are being kept under wraps…” (full details)

“Jeff Bridges, Alex Pettyfer and Jennifer Lawrence are now officially locked to star in “The Seventh Son”, based on Joseph Delaney’s young adult novel series “The Last Apprentice” (aka. “The Wardstone Chronicles”)…” (full details)

“Despite the week long delay, the mid-season premieres of The CW’s “Smallville” and “Supernatural” held steady with their current season’s performance thus far, pulling in 2.4 million viewers and 2.3 million viewers respectively…” (full details)