News Shorts: February 16th 2018

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
A first photo is out of Metallica frontman James Hetfield in costume in his role in the Ted Bundy biopic “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”. Zac Efron stars as the serial killer in the feature which deals with the women in his life including his partner who had no idea about Bundy’s moonlighting.

Hetfield plays Bob Hayward, an officer who was the first person to arrest Bundy after he rightfully had suspicions that he was up to more than just burglary in 1975. [Source: Twitter

Vertical Entertainment has picked up the North American rights to Michael Winnick’s horror thriller “Malicious”. Vertical aims to release the film in theaters in the summer.

Bojana Novakovic plays a young newlywed who suffers a traumatic event, then finds herself haunted – and connected – to a malicious entity with murderous intentions. Josh Stewart, Melissa Bolona, Yvette Yates, and Delroy Lindo co-star. [Source: Heat Vision]

The Handmaid’s Tale
Emmy winner Bradley Whitford has been set for a major recurring role in the upcoming second season of Hulu’s Emmy-winning drama series “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Whitford will play Commander Joseph Lawrence, the intimidating architect of Gilead’s economy and something of a mad genius. His sly humor and flashes of kindness make him a confusing, mysterious presence for his newest Handmaid. [Source: Deadline]

Wake Up
Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been cast in the lead role in Fedor Lyass’ directorial debut “Wake Up” which he will co-direct with Aleksandr Chernyaev (“The Soldier”). Elan Zeltser penned the script and filming begins in March.

Meyers plays a John Doe who wakes in a hospital bed with amnesia and soon finds that he’s wanted by the police for a series of murders. With the help of his nurse who believes he is innocent, he escapes and they hunt for the true killer. [Source: THR]

After the Wedding
Diane Kruger is set to join Julianne Moore in Bart Freudlich’s English-language re-imagining of Susanne Bier’s 2006 feature “After the Wedding” at Cornerstone Films. Filming begins this Spring.

Kruger will play the manager of an orphanage in Calcutta who believes she has found the perfect benefactor in the multi-millionaire founder of a successful media company (Moore). To score the money, she must travel to New York to meet the woman. [Source: Variety]

The Manuscript
Scott Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are set to star in the Nick Cassavetes-directed “The Manuscript”. Rob Paris, Mike Witherill and Mark Williams will produce.

Louis Rosenberg and Joe Rosenbaum penned the cat and mouse style thriller about a jailed genius convict (Freeman) who writes and sends chapters from a mysterious novel to an aspiring young writer (Eastwood), ensnaring him in a high stakes scheme to recover $100 million in stolen diamonds. [Source: Screen]

Main Justice
Bokeem Woodbine has been cast in the lead role in the upcoming CBS drama pilot “Main Justice” which is inspired by the life of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who worked for the Obama administration. Sascha Penn is writing and executive producing.

Woodbine (“Fargo”) will play Miles Blair, the recently sworn in Attorney General of the United States. His years of experience as a beat cop and ultimately as Detroit’s Police Commissioner have made him pragmatic, tough and grounded. It’s trial by fire when he takes the reins in Washington. [Source: Variety]

The Devil You Know
Martin Sheen, Haley Joel Osment, Pablo Schreiber and Katie Aselton have joined the cast of Edward James Olmos’ “The Devil Has a Name”. Rob McEveety penned the script inspired by real-life events.

The story centers on an oil baron who gets into a destructive standoff with a farmer after the water on his farm was poisoned by her company. Olmos, David Strathairn, Alfred Molina and Kate Bosworth co-star with filming kicking off in Los Angeles last week. [Source: Variety]

Ser’Darius Blain (“Jumani: Welcome To The Jungle”) has been set as a co-lead in The CW’s “Charmed” reboot dramedy pilot from “Jane the Virgin” creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman.

Blain will play Galvin, the ideal boyfriend who is funny, mellow and empathetic aspiring filmmaker. The story centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. [Source: Deadline]

A Head Full of Ghosts
Osgood Perkins (“The Blackcoat’s Daughter”) is set to rewrite and direct an adaptation of the Paul Tremblay thriller novel “A Head Full of Ghosts” for Focus Features. The story follows a woman whose family was publicly consumed and destroyed by her teenage sister’s mysterious and horrific affliction twenty years ago.

She is approached by a journalist to tell the story in her own words, and reveals a far more terrifying version of what really happened in her childhood home. Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. will produce and Perkins will rewrite the draft penned by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowsky. [Source: Deadline]

Red Arrow Studios International and Don Carmody Television will produce the South African-set action drama series “Blood Horn” which follows a former U.S. Marine returning to her childhood home in South Africa to avenge the kidnapping and murder of her beloved uncle and the two lions she grew up alongside.

Working with a tough park ranger, she finds herself dragged into a world of illegal poaching and organized crime. MJ Bassett (“Strike Back,” “Power”) will direct and executive produce the eight-episode event series. [Source: Variety]

Nintendo Labo
Nintendo has unveiled three new videos for its upcoming modular cardboard accessory line ‘Nintendo Labo’ which works with the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con controllers. The clips offer a detailed look at each of the new kits that will be available April 20th and show how they work.