News Shorts: December 7th 2009

Posters for Buried, Iron Man 2, Kick Ass, Chloe, Solomon Kane, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, Death at a Funeral, REC 2.

A review/break down of the script for the Red Dawn remake.

The final runtime of “Avatar” clocks in at 161 minutes. While a secret Hollywood Foreign Press Association screening took place the other day, the UK premiere and several international press screenings in a few days time mean that critical reviews will hit the Net in force on Friday and over the weekend.

“Peter Jackson says the talk of “The Hobbit” delays are just that – talk. Both scripts are to be delivered just after Christmas, and then “we’ll be shooting as soon as we possibly can, but you need a certain amount of time to finish the pre-production”. He also expects the December 2011 release plan remains unchanged…” (full details)

“Robert Duvall says that director Terry Gilliam has his eye on Duvall to play the titular role in the new version of “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”, though Gilliam is still currently getting financing together on the project…” (full details)

“Peter Berg says once he’s finished “Battleship”, his next project will be “Lone Survivor”. The “Hancock” sequel meanwhile is pretty much on hold as star Will Smith is having a break…” (full details)

“Michelle Williams is in talks to play Marilyn Monroe in Simon Curtis’ “My Week With Marilyn”. She would replace Scarlett Johansson…” (full details)

“Stan Lee has confirmed on his Twitter account that his cameo is set for the upcoming “Thor” film adaptation…” (full details)

“Producer Frank Marshall has confirmed on his Twitter account that due to not enough visual effects being complete, the next trailer for M Night Shymalan’s “The Last Airbender” won’t appear until February…” (full details)

“Martin Campbell is definitely out, but Dennis Iliades certainly isn’t in on the Platinum Dunes remake of “The Birds”…” (full details)

“Tom Hardy has confirmed that while he did audition for George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road”, it was an anonymous read and so he hasn’t had a conversation at all about what role he would play if he had been cast…” (full details)

“”Terminator Salvation” director McG said in a BD-Live chat over the weekend that he is still planning on directing the fifth and sixth “Terminator” movies. One problem, the Halcyon Holding Group who owns the rights to the franchise says it expects to auction them off before February to buyers who quite frankly will do what they want…” (full details)

“”Unthinkable” comic creator Mark Sable wants John Simm (“Life on Mars,” “Doctor Who”) and Jeremy Renner (“The Hurt Locker,” “SWAT”) for Universal’s upcoming film adaptation of his property…” (full details)