News Shorts: December 21st 2010

The first photo of Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston in The Deep Blue Sea, concept art from Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, action figure photos of Megatron’s new look in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and posters for Your Highness.

Along with some concept art, Vin Diesel says director David Twohy wants the actor to have three different looks for the upcoming third “Riddick” movie.

“H.R. Giger’s wife, Carmen Scheifele, has reported the Swiss surrealist painter who designed the creature for the original 1979 “Alien” is back at work designing for Ridley Scott’s untitled prequel…” (full details)

“With the equity and debt swapping all done, MGM has scored $500 million “to fund operations, including production of a new slate of films and television series”. Some of that will be channeled to “The Hobbit”, some to “Bond 23” and some to marketing films sitting on their shelves including “Red Dawn” and “The Cabin in the Woods”…” (full details)

“An indieWire critics poll, tabulating the results of 124 well respected critics, have named the top twenty films of the year: The Social Network, Carlos, Winter’s Bone, Black Swan, Everyone Else, Dogtooth, The Ghost Writer, Mother, I Am Love, Another Year, Wild Grass, Exit Through the Gift Shop, White Material, Toy Story 3, Alamar, The Kids Are All Right, Inception, A Prophet, Blue Valentine, Greenberg…” (full details)

“An official response from Warner Bros. Pictures says the 17 minutes of footage found from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001” are not part of the helmer’s final edit and so there’s “no plans to expand or revise Mr. Kubrick’s vision”. It’s possible the footage will end up as an extra on a future DVD and/or Blu-ray release…” (full details)

“Black Swan, True Grit, The Fighter and The Kids Are All Right have all be deemed ineligible to qualify for the Oscars Best Score category this year – the first two because they’re heavily informed by existing music, the latter two because the period specific pop songs used “diminish the impact” of their scores…” (full details)

“The rumoured short in front of Pixar’s “Cars 2” is said to focus on “Toy Story 3″ duo Ken and Barbie on a dream vacation in Hawaii…” (full details)

“”Exit Through The Gift Shop” artist and filmmaker Banksy has said he’ll likely be doing more documentaries and films in the future, and has dismissed reports that parts of ‘Exit’ were faked, saying “it’s all 100% true”…” (full details)

“David Goyer, who has penned the script for the upcoming “Superman” reboot, has revealed that writer Geoff Johns’ work on the title was a big influence on him, specifically the “Secret Origins” storyline…” (full details)

“Reports of a film version of Derek Landy’s fantasy novel series “Skulduggery Pleasant” which Johnny Depp would star in have been shot down by the author who says the film rights have reverted to him and he has no time to consider work on a film version right now …” (full details)

“Francis Ford Coppola’s son Roman Coppola is working on his second film after “CQ” almost a decade ago. Sister Sofia says “he’s working on a script that he put together” but no further details are yet available…” (full details)

“Gary Ross says they’ll likely go for an unknown for the lead female role in “The Hunger Games” film adaptation, and that all presently rumoured frontrunners are bullshit…” (full details)

“Asked about the disputed rights to the “Terminator” film series and whether she’d be up for producing another one, Gale Ann Hurd says “it’s very sad. You feel like you gave birth to something and it’s been adopted and those adoptions haven’t worked out. Of course I’d be interested in doing another one. I’d love it”…” (full details)

“TorrentFreak reports that the top five pirated films of 2010 were: Avatar, Kick Ass, Inception, Shutter Island, Iron Man 2…” (full details)