News Shorts: August 14th 2009

A huge helping of one-sheets today including All About Steve, Amelia, An Education, Anti-Christ, Art & Copy, Avatar

There’s also Beeswax, Cabin in the Woods

Carriers, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Dorian Gray, The Final Destination and Gentlemen Broncos

Next is Jonah Hex, My One and Only, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ninja Assassin, Pandorum and Planet 51

Finally comes A Serious Man, Shutter Island, Solomon Kane, Sorority Row, Surrogates, Whiteout

A first look at the dragon’s head bow of the Dawn Treader in the upcoming third “Narnia” film is online at Narnia Fans.

Four pieces of concept art from I, Frankenstein are up at IESB, AICN, STYD, Bloody Disgusting.

Various casting calls are out detailing some of the supporting characters in upcoming major blockbusters like The A-Team, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Little Fockers.

“Comedian Bill Hader (“Superbad”) says the film version of “MacGruber”, SNL’s sketch series spoofing “MacGyver” and 80’s action cinema, will be a “hard-R comedy””…” (full details)

“Matt Austin-Sadowski’s documentary “Don’t You Forget About Me”, a look at the life and films of the late John Hughes, has been picked up for distribution by Alliance Films of Montreal…” (full details)

“Christopher Weekes (“The Muppet Man”) is set to rewrite Gregg Chabot and Kevin Peterka’s family actioner “Waterproof” for Legendary Pictures. The story revolves around a man who unwittingly unleashes a cadre of mythological creatures upon his town. Kevin Lima (“Enchanted”) will direct”…” (full details)

“HitFix’s report yesterday of Bryan Singer being involved in a film reboot of the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ franchise has been confirmed by Universal Pictures with Singer tipped to be earning as much as $10 million for the gig…” (full details)

“”Saw” 4-6 scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have been hired for two further installments in the horror film franchise, taking the series up to Saw VIII in 2011. Saw VI is released in October this year while Saw VII (the first of the series in 3D) will hit in 2010…” (full details)

“MGM has set a November 24th 2010 release date for the remake of supernatural classic “Poltergeist”. No production has yet begun and no casting has been set at present…” (full details)

“Andrea Arnold’s acclaimed coming-of-age drama “Fish Tank” has been picked up for U.S. distribution by IFC Films. No release date has been set yet though the film will arrive in theaters the same time that it hits On-Demand…” (full details)

“Kate Beckinsale is apparently attached to return for the proposed fourth “Underworld” project as vampire warrior Selene. The film will be shot in 3D and is scheduled for release January 2011…” (full details)

“Legendary Pictures is planning a reboot of the “Godzilla” film franchise, a new US interpretation that will have no connection with Roland Emmerich’s 1998 version…” (full details)

“Though he doubts a sequel will be done, Timothy Olyphant says he’s open to returning as Agent 47 in a “Hitman” follow-up…” (full details)

“Eric Bana has ruled out returning to either the “Star Trek” or “Hulk” franchises, though is open to doing “Mad Max”…” (full details)

“There WILL be an ultimate box set and certainly a Blu-ray set” of all six “Star Wars” movies sometime in the next few years says Lucasfilm head of fan relations Steve Sansweet. He adds “we’ve been thinking about this for a while, we know what kind of assets we want to use, we’ve done some work in cleaning up things, it’s really a matter of making that decision of when’s the best time to release it”…” (full details)

“”Arrested Development” series creator/executive producer Mitch Hurwitz, co-star Will Arnett and co-executive producer Jim Vallely are re-teaming for a Fox sitcom with Arnett as a rich Beverly Hills jackass who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman who can’t stand his lifestyle or values…” (full details)

“Richard LaGravenese (“PS I Love You”) is attached to write and direct romancer “Man and Wife” for Universal Pictures. The drama centers around an immigrant’s love for the U.S. Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher will produce…” (full details)

“Paris Hilton will guest star in the October 8th episode of The CW’s “Supernatural” as a demonic creature that takes the form of Paris Hilton. Show regular Jared Padalecki starred alongside Hilton in the horror film “House of Wax”…” (full details)