News Shorts: April 9th 2010

A bunch of set photos today including Ralph Fiennes shooting Shakespeare’s Coriolanus in the Serbian city of Pancevo; a short of the Norwegian base set for Universal’s The Thing prequel; Bradley Cooper shooting Dark Fields in New York’s Soho district; Sebastian Stan and Ashley Greene filming scenes for The Apparition; and Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz shooting Bad Teacher.

The first official still from Piranha 3D, more shots of the new look Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, and some concept art for the upcoming third Riddick film.

“Courtney Love’s manager has denied reports that Robert Pattinson will play Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in the biopic “All Apologies” for Universal Pictures. The manager claims the working title is Heavier Than Heaven, there’s no-one cast and no deal with Universal…” (full details)

“The previously rumoured candidate Brad Bird (“The Incredibles,” “The Iron Giant”) has has now entered final negotiations to direct “Mission: Impossible IV.” with only factor being Bird’s paycheck…” (full details)

“Vincenzo Natali (“Cube,” “Splice”) is looking at both the J.G. Ballard novel “High Rise” and the “Swamp Thing” comics by Alan Moore as a potential next project…” (full details)

“The running time of “Iron Man 2″ has been officially clocked at 124 mins and 29 seconds by the British Board of Film Classification…” (full details)

“Jon Favreau has confirmed the rumor from earlier this week that Harrison Ford will star in his next feature, the comic book adaptation “Cowboys and Aliens”…” (full details)

“Kevin Dunn and Julie White have signed deals to return as Ron and Judy Witwicky in Michael Bay’s upcoming third “Transformers” film…” (full details)

“Brothers and filmmakers Ridley and Tony Scott have allegedly expressed interest in running MGM’s management….” (full details)

“Tom Arnold has himself revealed that he will appear in Peter Berg’s upcoming “Battleship” film adaptation….” (full details)

“Hank Azaria shows off his shaved noggin for his role as Gargamel in the upcoming “The Smurfs” movie. Azaria says the shaved head “saves me about an hour in the [makeup] chair”…” (full details)

“Ciaran McMenamin, Alexander Siddig and Ruth Kearney have all scored key roles in the next two seasons of “Primeval” currently filming in Ireland…” (full details)

“Spike Jonze is making a a secret short film project in Austin Texas, a collaboration with the band Arcade Fire…” (full details)