News Shorts: April 22nd 2010

Photos from Tamara Drewe, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Inception, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Predators, Iron Man 2, The Illusionist and Ryan Reynolds on the set of Green Lantern.

“Oscilloscope Laboratories has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Sundance feature “Howl” starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg. Oscilloscope will release the film in theaters and VOD on September 24th…” (full details)

“, the popular online site for watching television shows, plans to begin testing a subscription service as soon as May 24th. The site will continue to provide for free the five most recent episodes of shows but those who want to see additional episodes would pay $9.95 a month to access a more comprehensive selection…” (full details)

“Asked about the apparent “Midnight Run” sequel, Robert De Niro days “Yes, we’re gonna do, hopefully, a sequel. The script is pretty good. I don’t think [Martin Brest] would direct it– we’re figuring that out now”…” (full details)

“Actor-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait (“World’s Greatest Dad”) has penned the action western “Rio Malo” which “centers on crooked cops, unavenged murders, injustice, discrimination and drag”. Production kicks off later this year…” (full details)

“Six weeks out from release and pre-ordered tickets for “Sex and the City 2″ are selling fast with the global box-office $415 million tally of the first film expected to be eclipsed by the sequel…” (full details)

“The top secret comedy from producers Joel Silver and Todd Phillips will apparently be a party-set raunchy comedy shot in a first-person perspective (ala “Cloverfield”)…” (full details)

“Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro have already shot 20-30 hours of DVD behind-the-scenes material for “The Hobbit” so far despite being months away from shooting…” (full details)

“Gregory Hoblit (“Fracture,” “Primal Fear”) will direct and produce an untitled drama for Castle Rock. Frank Baldwin (“The Art of Making Money”) penned the ensemble drama about a kilo of cocaine causing various people to cross paths including three Princeton graduates, an au pair, a reformed dealer from Harlem, and a ruthless drug lord from Chile…” (full details)

“Leonard Nimoy says he’s planning on retiring from acting and thus will not return for a “Star Trek” sequel…” (full details)