News On A Key “Star Trek” Sequel Character

So who in the hell is Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain in “Star Trek Into Darkness” anyway?

All signs continue pointing to Khan and/or Gary Mitchell as it has been revealed that Alice Eve’s role in the film will be that of Carol Marcus.

Bibi Besch played the role in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” a Federation scientist who had previously had a relationship with James T. Kirk and became mother to his son, David.

A recent preview of nine minutes of footage from the movie for select press included many of the scenes from the recent ‘Announcement Trailer’ including the scenes within a volcano, and the Enterprise hiding out at the bottom of an ocean on a planet covered in red flora.

The caption of recently released photo, seen below, says Cumberbatch’s character is named “John Harrison” but why do I doubt it? Also interesting is that the third most common suggestion after Khan and Gary amongst fandom seems to be Garth of Izer.

Source: Coming Soon