News Bits: X-Men, Squad, Marvel, Cujo

Halle Berry has said that should they ever so a standalone Storm movie, she would happily return. Speaking with Deadline about the new season of “Extant,” Berry says:

“In a heartbeat. In a heartbeat I would do a Storm movie. I love that character through and through. So if that ever became an opportunity for me if it’s before I’m 65-years old I would absolutely do that. I think they should do it. If the fans want that the fans need to speak up and I’m sure it would be a possibility. If Fox felt like they could make money off of a Storm movie I’m sure they would do it.”

Suicide Squad 2
Though Jada Pinkett Smith won’t return as Fish Mooney on the second season of FOX’s “Gotham,” the actress says tells MTV UK that she’d be happy to return to the DC world and already has her eyes on one particular character – one that could pop up in a “Suicide Squad” sequel alongside her husband Will Smith as Deadshot:

“There’s a character that I love in the DC World, her name is Vixen. Probably haven’t heard much of her. She’s kind of in that Suicide Squad world as well. I love Vixen. If there was any character, I would love to play her. I’m going to have to put my little word in with the director… Vixen for Suicide Squad 2.”

Marvel Studios
Disney CEO Bob Iger has no concerns about rivals DC & Warner Brothers potentially ‘winning’ this year’s San Diego Comic Con with their “Batman v Superman” presentation. Even though Marvel sitting this one out, Iger isn’t fussed telling THR:

“We’re Marvel. We’ve done a great job of building the Marvel brand, which we think when it’s on a movie really makes a difference. We’re seeing signs of that. We like the Marvel slate that we have coming up. We think they’re unique in many ways and have no concerns [about competition] whatsoever.”

Sunn Classic Pictures is reportedly set to produce “C.U.J.O.,” a new take on the 1983 film adaptation of the Stephen King horror classic “Cujo”. That story was about a massive St. Bernard dog that contracts rabies and unleashes a reign of terror on an unsuspecting small town.

In the remake, C.U.J.O. stands for Canine Unit Joint Operations. DJ Perry is set to star and Lang Elliott will helm the project, though no story details were given at this time. [Source: PRLog]

Sundance Short Film winner Genevieve Dulude-Decelles (“The Cut”) is penning the script and will direct an indie movie based on Stacey May Fowles’ novel “Infidelity”. Allison Black and Karen Shaw are producing the film which is said to be akin to “Unfaithful” and “The Affair”.

The story follows a thirtysomething engaged hairdresser who has an affair with a married man. The relationship ultimately unravels both of their lives. [Source: Variety]