News Bits: Wick, Bastards, Goodfellas, Trek

John Wick 2
Thunder Road Films has confirmed that filming on a sequel to last year’s well-regarded action throwback “John Wick” is slated to begin this Fall with Keanu Reeves returning to the title role.

Directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kolstad will also return for the follow-up which Summit Entertainment will distribute. The first film made $78 million at the worldwide box office from a $20 million budget. [Source: Thunder Road Films]

Warner Bros. Pictures has locked a November 4th 2016 release date for Lawrence Sher’s comedy “Bastards”. Ving Rhames, J.K. Simmons, and Terry Bradshaw also star.

Ed Helms and Owen Wilson play brothers whose eccentric mother (Glenn Close) has fabricated the story that their father had died when they were young. They make it their mission to find their real father. [Source: Deadline]

Hollywood superlawyer Bert Fields has hit Warner Bros. Pictures with an $18 million and more breach of contract and fraud complaint over Martin Scorsese’s classic “Goodfellas” – 25 years to the day of its release.

Filed for producer Irwin Winkler, the complaint deals with home video royalties and what is dubbed “studio accounting on steroids” with Warners reportedly claiming the film “made no net profits and actually lost money” despite having “taken in over $275 million off a $30 million budget.” [Source: Deadline]

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Enterprise 3D Construction Project is essentially a fan-made, Unreal Engine 4-powered, virtual reality construction of the interiors of the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

The project is still ongoing and has taken some licenses with the design to make it work, but the impressive results so far have been made available in a new Youtube video which you can see below. No word as yet when the Oculus Rift compatible project will be available to the public. [Source: The Enterprise 3D Construction Project via io9]