News Bits: Vice, Mortdecai, Speed 3, Interstellar

Inherent Vice
The first photo is out of Reese Witherspoon in he role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice”. Witherspoon plays Deputy District Attorney Penny Kimball, a former love interest of Joaquin Phoenix’s character. The film itself is scheduled to open on December 12th. [Source: The Los Angeles Times]

Following a welcome reaction to the first trailer, Lionsgate has moved up the Johnny Depp-led action comedy “Mortdecai” by two weeks. The film, which also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor, will now open on January 23rd 2015.

As a result of the change, the immortal woman tale “The Age Of Adaline” has been pushed back three months from January 23rd to April 24th next year. Blake Lively and Harrison Ford star. [Source: Screen]

Speed 3
For years he had no interest, but a new interview with Keanu Reeves by The Nerdist this week has led to speculation the actor could reprise one of his most iconic roles – Jack Traven in 1994’s “Speed”.

In the new interview, a smiling Reeves said “Oh my god, Speed 3: Redemption. Sure. Jack Traven kind of like, dusting it off.” The quote comes as Reeves is about to launch “John Wick,” an action thriller which opens next month and sports the actor racking up a giant body count.

To celebrate their upcoming issue which features a cover story on Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic “Interstellar,” Empire has posted some exclusive new images from the space-faring mind trip which star Matthew McConaughey says: “This is the biggest film I’ve ever been a part of. This is one of the biggest films anyone’s ever been a part of.” Check out the new shots below: