News Bits: Turtles, Penguins, Point, Terminator

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Paramount Pictures, Platinum Dunes and IMAX Corporation have announced that the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” will be digitally remastered for an IMAX release in select international theaters. It is not yet known if the same thing will happen domestically. [Source: IMAX]

The Penguins of Madagascar
DreamWorks Animation has shifted around its release schedule so that the upcoming “Madagascar” spin-off film “The Penguins of Madagascar” will score a release on November 26th this year. The film is being switched with that of “Home” which will now take the old ‘Penguins’ date of March 27th 2015. [Source: Variety]

Point Break
It’s been confirmed that Alcon Entertainment’s upcoming remake of the classic 1991 action-thriller is set to begin filming on June 26th and will feature stunts performed by the world’s top extreme sports athletes rather than stunt performers. Locations set for filming include Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, French Polynesia, and India.

Renowned extreme athletes performing stunts in the film include surfers Makua Rothman, Billy Kemper, Brian Keaulana and Ahanu Tson-dru; snowboarders Lucas De Bari, Ralph Backstrom, Mitch Toelderer, Mike Basich and Xavier De La Rue; motorcyclists Riley Harper and Oakley Lehman; wingsuit stunt pilots Jeb Corliss, Jon Devore, Julian Boulle, Noah Bahson and Michael Swanson, and free climber Chris Sharma, among others. [Source: Alcon Entertainment]

Several videos reportedly from the New Orleans set of the currently filming “Terminator: Genesis,” or “Terminator 5,” have gone online. There’s a bunch of explosions going off, lots of shooting and fireworks, and… not much else. [Source: Coming Soon