News Bits: Triplets, Armed, Labyrinth, Power, Minds

While he’s not a part of “The Predator” and his “The Legend of Conan” seems to have stalled, Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that the “Twins” sequel “Triplets” may start shooting by year’s end. He tells EW:

“We are just now working on Triplets. That is on top of the list, for me. Because I’ve been trying to do that for 20 years. Ivan Reitman (the director of Twins) believes in it. Danny DeVito believes in it – who always believed in it – and Eddie Murphy believes in it. It’s going to be terrific! So, we are looking forward to that.”

Armed Response
Saban Films has acquired North American distribution rights to the Wesley Snipes-led, John Stockwell-directed sci-fi thriller “Armed Response”. Anne Heche, Seth Rollins, Gene Simmons and Dave Annable also star.

The story follows a team of highly trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its AI is shut down. The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed their predecessors. [Source: Heat Vision]

Labyrinth Lost
Paramount Pictures has optioned Zoraida Cordova’s young adult novel “Labyrinth Lost”. The story follows Alejandra Mortiz, a young Latina who comes from a family of brujas (witches).

She chooses to reject her destiny, and in doing so accidentally banishes her family into the underworld. Alejandra and her non-magical best friend, Rishi, go on a journey to save her family by using the very magic that she wanted to reject. [Source: Heat Vision]

Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story
Jay Z and The Weinstein Company’s six-part series “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story” has landed at Spike TV. The non-scripted project deals with the unarmed African-American teen shot and killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in 2012.

Zimmerman was later acquitted on a second-degree murder charge after claiming he shot Martin in self-defense, sparking worldwide protests and outrage. [Source: The Live Feed]

Criminal Minds
CBS has picked up veteran crime drama “Criminal Minds” for a thirteenth season, marking the eighth CBS drama to secure an early renewal for next season.

Though past its prime, “Criminal Minds” still averages a respectable 10.8 million viewers in Live+Same Day ratings. After several casting changes in the past year, no further ones are planned for next season. [Source: Deadline]