News Bits: Trip, Wolf, Murray, Robocop

The Trip to Italy
A few years ago Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s travelogue comedy “The Trip” got a huge publicity boost when a clip from the film of the pair doing Michael Caine impressions went viral.

Now, for the upcoming sequel “The Trip to Italy,” the pair touch upon their Caine impressions again which leads into a skewering of various “The Dark Knight Rises” characters.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Actor Jonah Hill has revealed he was paid only $60,000 for his role as the second lead star in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” – and that was BEFORE commissions and taxes.

Hill was offered the “lowest amount of money possible” and he took it because he wanted to work for Scorsese – he also doesn’t earn anything extra due to the movie’s success. In comparison, star and producer Leonardo DiCaprio probably earned about $10 million for the film. [Source: Deadline]

Bill Murray
In a Reddit AMA, actor Bill Murray spoke extensively about his work voicing the title character in the “Garfield” movies and frankly how much of a mess the productions were. It’s a very candid piece in which he explains that he re-wrote the film as much as possible. Click Here to read it in full.

A couple of new clips from the upcoming “Robocop” reboot have gone online, the highlight being the new Robocop taking on two ED-209’s.