News Bits: Trek, Future, Wonder, Fury

Star Trek: Beyond
TrekCore have posted a couple of photos of filming on “Star Trek Beyond” in Dubai today including the best look yet at the mysterious new Starfleet attire worn on the sets in recent days. Shooting on the third film in the rebooted ‘Trek’ franchise is expected to continue for a few more weeks, with the film slated for release next Summer.

Back to the Future
With October 21st fast approaching, tributes to the “Back to the Future” franchise – and more specifically the scenes set in the ‘October 21st 2015 Future’ in the second film – continue with a new Toyota commercial involving Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox looking back at how the technology has changed.

Wonder Woman
Ahead of Wonder Woman’s big screen debut in next year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” DC Entertainment has announced a new digital comic book series entitled “The Legend of Wonder Woman”.

Renae De Liz is penning the stand alone origin story which will focus on Diana’s life from before she left the island of Themyscira and became the Justice League’s warrior princess. [Source: Heat Vision]

Mad Max: Fury Road
CineFix have produced a video which takes “Mad Max: Fury Road” and reimagines it as an 8-bit 1990s run-and-gun style side-scroller. Be warned there’s spoilers galore in the clip which covers the entire film’s plot along with key moments and character deaths.