News Bits: Supergirl, Roche, Hell, X-Men

“Bitten” actress Laura Vandervoort famously made her name playing Supergirl on TV’s “Smallville”. Appearing at Comic Con yesterday, the actress was asked by EW if she’ll make an appearance in CBS’ upcoming TV series take on “Supergirl” which stars Melissa Benoist in the role. Vandervoort replied: “Hopefully I get to be a part of it at some point. Which is looking good. Maybe.”

Roche Limit
Heavy Metal has optioned the movie rights to Michael Moreci’s sci-fi comic “Roche Limit”. Seth Sherwood (“Leatherface”) will pen the script while Jeff Krelitz, David Boxenbaum and Brian Witten will produce.

The story is set in a space colony that has devolved into a melting pot of criminal factions. The central mystery follows a missing girl and will incorporate horror elements. [Source: Heat Vision]

The Hell Within
Guitarist Slash is seeking funding from fans to produce his second feature film “The Hell Within” through the FanBacked crowdfunding site. Dennison Ramalho helms the film from a script by Jeff Buhler.

The story follows a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to find herself in a desperate village of drug runners and lost souls. [Source: Variety]

X-Men: Apocalypse
Though the panel for the new “X-Men” film isn’t until tomorrow night, that hasn’t stopped filmmaker Bryan Singer from sharing some behind-the-scenes video from the shoot which you can see below: