News Bits: Rangers, Irishman, Borne, Resurface

New Photos
New stills are out from Power Rangers, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them & Underworld: Blood Wars.

The Irishman
Production designer and Martin Scorsese’s frequent collaborator Dante Ferretti worked on the filmmaker’s most recent effort “Silence” and has revealed that conversations are already happening around the long-gestating “The Irishman” as Scorsese’s next project:

Ferretti says: “We’ve talked about it; but we still have to see when and how it will be shot. I never say ‘I”m doing to do this or that’ until it’s signed. Theoretically we’ve talked about shooting this film next year in February or March.” [Source: Variety]

Paramount has acquired the rights to Jeff VanderMeer’s novel “Borne” with Scott Rudin and Eli Bush to produce. The same studio and team are also onboard the already shot “Annihilation” which was directed by Alex Garland and stars Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Oscar Isaac.

In “Borne,” a young woman survives as a scavenger in a ruined, dangerous city of the near future. The city is littered with discarded experiments from a bio-tech firm now seemingly derelict. During one, she brings home Borne – a green lump that exudes a strange charisma. As Borne begins to grow and change in unexpected ways she finds she can’t rid him. [Source: Variety]

Chris Nolan’s go-to visual effects specialist Paul Franklin is set to direct the action-thriller “Resurface” for Covert Media. Paul Hanson and Todd Garner are producing. Franklin will direct from a script by Pete Bridges in which a scientist and an engineer are trapped 35,000 feet underwater after an earthquake separates them from their crew. [Source: Variety]