News Bits: Portlandia, Power, Slayer, Diary

IFC has renewed its flagship comedy series “Portlandia” for an eighth and final season. The series’ end has been speculated about before but this is the first time it has finally been confirmed. The show’s seventh season is currently airing. [Source: Deadline]

Saban’s Power Rangers
“Saban’s Power Rangers,” the reboot of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” franchise at Lionsgate, has received an official PG-13 rating from the MPAA ahead of its March 24th release date. [Source: Variety]

Producers Adrian Askarieh and Giulio Marantonio have optioned Joel Dorland’s spec script “Slayer” which they plan to turn into a feature and graphic novel.

The story centers on a simple fisherman who, when his wife is kidnapped and his village slaughtered, trains for twenty years to become the greatest warrior alive in order to wreak vengeance on the four demonic knights responsible. [Source: Heat Vision]

Keeper of the Diary
Fox Searchlight is set to by Sam Franco and Evan Kilgore’s spec script “Keeper of the Diary” which tells the story of Otto Frank’s struggle to find a publisher for the diary written by his daughter Anne Frank before she perished in the Holocaust.

He was aided by an ambitious young woman named Barbara Zimmerman who, fresh out of the Doubleday typing pool, became a junior editor trying to find her way by combing through the slush pile for publishable manuscripts. Matti Leshem and Lynn Harris will produce. [Source: Deadline]